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February 2020

  • Rockstars enjoy a smarties maths day!

    Published 17/02/20

    The whole school rocked to the beat on Friday as the children enjoyed a TT Rockstars and Smarties Maths day. All classes dressed up as their favourite Rock Star and spent the day solving maths problems based on a pack of smarties. Activities included measuring how tall you are using packs of smarties, estimating how many smarties were in each pack, creating graphs and charts of the different colours of smarties in each pack, working out ratios of different coloured smarties and calculating fractions of different coloured smarties.

    At the end of the day the children were then allowed to take their pack home , or eat them!

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  • Roebuck Academy students cut the ribbon at the unveiling of the new Shephalbury Park playground.

    Published 13/02/20
    An £80,000 recreational ground refurbishment was unveiled in Stevenage yesterday following a survey of primary school children. The revamp of the public play area at Shephalbury Park was part of Stevenage Borough Council's play area impr
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  • Alison Joy Dream Catcher 6.2.2020

    Published 13/02/20

    On Thursday 6th February we were visited by Alison Joy who is an Orthoptist.

    Alison loves her job because she gets to help new people every day. She helps children and adults of all ages. Every day is different and she sees 10-30 people depending if the day is busy or not. She has had glasses since she was very young, works at Lister Hospital and has been for filling her dream of helping people for 20 years.

    When she was younger, she wanted to help people by being a teacher or doctor. Alison lived in North Yorkshire as a child and went to a primary school there as well. She went to university for 4 years and did A- levels in maths and chemistry.

    Alison wore glasses since the age of seven and helps people who need glasses from ages 1-100. Although she mainly helps children, Alison has no typical working day. One of the reasons people come to her is because of something called Cataracts. It is where older people see a dot in the middle of their vision.

    Alison’s golden nugget of wisdom for all the children of Roebuck was, “Get your eyes checked regularly, listen all the time and do something every day to help somebody!”

    Written by Year 6

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  • Dream Catcher 13.2.2020 Alison Leavy

    Published 13/02/20

    On Thursday 13th February, we were visited by Alison Leavy.

    Alison is a Bio-chemist and works at company called Life Ark. She has been working there for 40 years and loves her job and science. She trained as a Bio-chemist however, she mostly works with cells. Alison has lived in many countries and has helped many different people.

    Alison went to a primary school in South London, Croydon. After spending 3 years at university and finishing a degree, she left at the age of 18. Although she didn’t have a dream at school, Alison thought about what she could actually do. To do her job, she had to be good at maths, science, problem solving skills and perseverance.

    At 8 o’clock every morning, Alison heads to her lab. To enter the lab, you have to wear a white cloak, special glasses and white latex gloves. She meets new people most days and makes their good ideas work. Alison conducts many experiments which could each take from one hour to six months. There is also a glass wall so people can look inside the lab without being to close. Now they have robots in the laboratory, and in the afternoons, Alison works in an office of computers.

    Her nugget of wisdom was, “The most important thing is to try everything, take all of your opportunities and never give up!”     

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  • NHS Guidance Coronavirus

    Published 13/02/20

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  • Creative Crafts workshop for Years 1 & 2

    Published 11/02/20

    We are very pleased to be holding more workshops from HAFLS after half term.

    A Creative Crafts workshop will run for 5 weeks starting on Thursday 27th February from 1-3pm. This is a workshop for parents of children in Years 1 & 2. Come and learn ways to support your child's learning and get an opportunity to work with them within the school day. Return your slips to the school office to reserve your place!

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