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This page will be filled with links to our Mindset and Well-being Stories that we will be using over the next Seven weeks. The aim is to bring our one school 'Altogether' wherever we may be. We will also be saving all of our Home learning challenges here as well. We hope you have fun completing some of them. 

Week 1 - What to do with a problem

Click for the video link-

Week 2 - Only one you

Click the video link

Week 3 - Mixed by Arree Chung

Week 3 - The Smeds and the Smoos

Week 3 - Mrs Noah's Pockets

Week 3 - Somethings happened in our town

Week 4 Giraffes can't dance- narrated by Ella G Year 6

Week 5 The Koala who could

Week 6 After the fall