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Artsmark Platinum


In September 2018, Roebuck Academy was successful in achieving an ambition to become an ARTSMARK PLATINUM SCHOOL. This is a great accolade for the children and staff at the school and recognises the journey taken in ensuring that the ARTS subjects are high profile within the school's curriculum.  

Since becoming the first school in Stevenage to achieve Platinum Arts mark status, we have continued to develop arts provision within the school. Staff have received in-depth training on an immersive curriculum and have linked the teaching of arts to the wider curriculum as well as the needs and interests of our children.

Displays in classrooms and around the school reflect this.

We have developed new partnerships through arts collaboration which impacts provision for our children at the school. Catherine Lorax from The Gordon Craig theatre will be delivering drama workshops with all classes which will impact written work produced as well as enhancing and developing speaking and listening skills of our pupils. 

Current projects include: 
Year 5 are working on a long term art project to help restore the watch tower at Knebworth.

Year 6 are working on a Romeo and Juliet project and will be entering work into a design competition for the Royal Opera house.

We will continue to share information about these projects in our newsletters. 

We continue to work in partnership with the music service. Children have enjoyed learning to perform different instruments and working with music teachers in our termly music day.

We also have a new music scheme which will teach children how to play glockenspiels throughout the school.

The music service is also working with a group of children, teaching them to play the steel pans. 

The Royal Opera House and Roebuck Academy are now lead research agents in the arts. We shall be disseminating best practice across Stevenage, Hertfordshire other counties. Staff have attended creative network meetings with members of museums, theatres, music service, teachers from other schools and the Royal Opera house to discuss how the arts will be developed in schools.

Ms Young, our Headteacher, is also a  committee member for the Arts which will meet throughout the year to plan projects.  She is the only representative for Education. This is an exciting responsibility for Roebuck Academy and our pupils and staff. We will continue to update you through newsletters and our website.