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Google Classroom

RE: REMOTE LEARNING at Roebuck Academy

The Government Department for Education (DfE) expects all schools to have a contingency plan in place in case of a local coronavirus outbreak. If there is a local lockdown and the school has to close for most pupils, and if a pupil or a group of pupils is required to self-isolate, remote learning arrangements will come into place. From the end of October, the DfE’s expectation is that remote learning is a well-planned and sequenced curriculum that enables pupils to build their knowledge and skills and make progress academically. To do this, Roebuck will be making use of Google Classroom for children in Years 1 to Year 6.


Google Classroom is a free and secure learning platform for teachers, pupils and schools. It provides a safe way for us to connect, share content, access homework, participate in discussions and receive class information. Using Google Classroom allows you and your child to have access to class work at any time and is accessible online through any digital device with internet access, including mobile phones and tablets.


Through Google Classroom, parents and teachers can monitor the amount of work that pupils have done and ask questions about learning.

Google Classroom is as an educational tool and will be used strictly for educational purposes, meaning that:

• Pupils will be required to use appropriate English grammar instead of texting language;

• The site will be used to discuss school-related content only.


Your child will be provided with a relevant Google Classroom log in (pupils have these stuck in their reading records) that they can use to log in to Google Classroom. With this letter there is another document, a guide to Google Classroom for pupils and parents, showing how you and your child can log in to Google Classroom and submit completed work. These documents are also available on the school’s website under the Children > Google Classroom Tab.


In the event of a local lockdown or a group of children needing to be sent home to isolate because of a confirmed case, class teachers will upload home learning (remote learning) on Google Classroom to be ready from the first day of lockdown or isolation. Remote learning will consist of daily lessons including tasks and some element of recorded for live teaching. Timetables for remote teaching for each class can be found on the attached documents below.

So we are well prepared for remote learning to begin, Google Classroom will be introduced to the children in the next week. Class teachers will post messages / homework for their pupils and help pupils to sign in to their Google Classroom for the first time. You can also do this with your child at home, and we recommend you practise this with your child. Home learning will also be uploaded to Google Classroom. If your child wants to post some of their completed work from their home learning packs, we would love to see it. However, there is no expectation for pupils to engage with learning content on Google Classroom when they are educated in school.

To find out how to send completed work to your child’s teacher or if you have any other questions about using Google Classroom, please refer to the attached Parent and Pupil Guide to Logging in to Google Classroom.

The link below provides information about security and privacy settings for Google classroom

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