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Learning Behaviour Targets


We are big believers at Roebuck that attitude is a small thing that makes a big difference’.

When children have the correct attitude to learning, they always excel. We regularly talk to the children about having the right attitude and we always try to praise effort and attitude in class, rather than results. We do a lot of work, both in class and in assembly, about having the right learning behaviour. We talk with the children about the different learning muscles that we have and encourage them to have a growth mindset – never saying, ‘I can’t do this’… but always saying, ‘I can’t do this YET.

All of the children in Key Stages 1 and 2 at Roebuck School have Learning Behaviour targets. We challenge the children to meet their targets as quickly as they can. In Key Stage 1 the children have three targets. In Key Stage 2, they have six targets. Below is a chart showing all of the Key Stage 2 targets and what this learning behaviour will look like. Key Stage 1 only have the first three targets (shown in italics)…

Managing distractions

Settle in to learning quickly      Not distracted easily

Tolerate feelings without getting upset

Not put off by being stuck      Try different strategies

Have a go

Have a growth mindset      Always try your hardest

Challenge yourself      Don’t worry if it goes wrong

Practise things you find difficult


Respond well to other people      Share ideas

Work well as a team      Listen well to others

Explain to help others


Be curious about things and people      Notice things

Often wonder why      Try to find out new things

Ask questions      Look for patterns and connections


Let your imagination go      Think about how you learn Know your strengths and weaknesses      Be creative

Keep improving      Know how long things will take you


Become engrossed in what you are doing

Be excited to try new things      Working really hard

Like the feeling of being stretched






















Each learning behaviour is represented by an animal (see top of page) and in Key Stage 1, there are cuddly toys of these animals and the children get animal stickers in their books when they have shown the learning behaviour. Our Early Years children also have the animals but they focus mainly on ‘Have a go hare’, ready for when they start in Year 1.

Rewarding good learning behaviour – The three levels of learning…

We spend each half-term focussing on one of the targets (each term in Key Stage 1) but of course, the children can tick off any target at any time. To meet the target, a child needs to have three ticks – meaning that they have shown that learning behaviour three times. When a child has met all targets, they receive a special gold badge saying ‘Good Learner’. They then get a new target card and continue to prove themselves. When a child completes the card a second time, they receive an ‘Outstanding Learner’ badge. If they complete a third card, they become a ‘Learning Ambassador’.

We believe in imitation at Roebuck, so our children wear their 'Good Learner' badges on their uniform everyday and act as role models for others to copy. There are many further rewards for those children who have good learning behaviour, ie: those that have badges, as they show visitors around the school, they visit other schools, they go on special trips and they act as ambassadors for our school at special town events.