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Performance Data

To view the 2016 primary school performance tables, please click the link below:

School Performance

In 2016, Roebuck Primary School and Nursery had 50% of pupils achieving Age Related Expectation (ARE) or above in reading, writing and maths at the end of Key Stage 2. In reading, 57% of pupils achieved ARE or above. In writing, 87% of pupils achieved ARE or above. In grammar, punctuation and spelling (EGPS), 87% of pupils achieved ARE or above and in maths, 83% of pupils achieved ARE or above. In relation to reading, 20% of pupils achieved a high standard.  In relation to writing, 17% of pupils were working at greater depth within the expected standard. In relation to EGPS, 37% of pupils achieved a high standard and in relation to maths, 7% of pupils achieved a high standard. The average scaled score per pupil was 101 in reading, 105 in EGPS and 103 in maths. Progress measures for the school were -3.8 in reading, +0.3 in writing and -1.1 in maths.

The leaflet at the bottom of this page is for parents and explains how the progress measures are calculated.

Top 100

In October 2015 the school was recognised by Government IQ as being in the top 100 ‘top performing and improving schools’ in the country. This was due to improving data and an improved Ofsted report (January 2015). An editorial was written about some of the work that has been carried out at the school. To read this editorial, please click on the following link:

Government IQ Editorial

Our School Aims 2015-2018

In April 2015 the school improvement plan was written in light of feedback from children, parents, staff, Governors, members of the local community and our Ofsted inspection. This single plan is regularly reviewed and updated. To view the school aims, please click below:

School Aims 2015-2018