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The Roebuck Way

Good behaviour and attitude is a key foundation for good education. Without an orderly and positive atmosphere, effective teaching and learning cannot take place. We expect and insist on the highest standards of behaviour throughout our school.

Courtesy, good manners and consideration for others, together with self discipline and a proper respect for authority, are encouraged at all times and are important if we are to make our school a true, caring community. We place great emphasis on praising children for politeness and kindness to others. Headteacher Certificates are also awarded for determination, resilience and effort in learning as well as behaviour and attitude towards others. 

The Headteacher will bring any serious breach of discipline or any disruptive behaviour to the attention of the parents concerned and an appropriate course of action will be decided upon. A copy of the school Behaviour policy and the Anti-Bullying policy are available on our website.

Running through our school, we have 'The Roebuck Way'. The 'Roebuck Way’ is on display around our school. A copy of this poster is below. The 'Roebuck Way' clearly states what behaviour is acceptable in our school. We have four basic rules which were devised in consultation with pupil and staff voice. Our childen know our rules well. 

Our children helped us to write our 'Roebuck Way' and we reflect on it regularly in whole-school assembly and class time. All children are expected to meet the 'Roebuck Way' at all times.

Children are rewarded for following our 'Roebuck Way'. If they follow it for the whole week, they receive a stamp on their class chart. Once a child has gained ten stamps, they receive their first certificate. The certificates progress through Bronze (10 weeks), Silver (20 weeks), Gold (30 weeks) and Rainbow (all year). The certificates are presented in a special, whole-school assembly of which parents are invited to. If a child doesn't follow the 'The Roebuck Way', they will lose either half a stamp or a whole stamp for that week, depending on the severity of their behaviour. This will delay when they get their certificate. Holiday absence during term time also affects a child's chance of getting their 'Roebuck Way' certificate on time.