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Our whole school values, including British values


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Developed in a practical environment with school children over many years, the Values Education programme introduces the concept of individual and communal values with the objective of bringing about an improvement to the world we live in. Roebuck is a Values-based Education school.

Values are the things which we think are important in life. Our values affect the behaviour choices we make. Having a value based approach and attitude will help people discover the very best of themselves. It is an approach that will enable learners to flourish, making a difference to the world through who and how they are. When we actively engage with values, we start to make better choices about our attitudes and responses.

We talk about our values, including the British Values, regularly both in class and in assembly time. We all try to show the value by the way that we act, making a better learning environment throughout the school and helping us all to become better citizens. Our values build on each other and we will remember them as and when an issue or need arises.

We promote our school values by focusing on one particular value each half-term. 

The values that we will be promoting and celebrating throughout the year are:

Autumn 1  Determination
Autumn 2  Respect 
Spring 1  Excellence 
Spring 2  Altogether 
Summer 1 Motivation
Summer 2  Safe