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  • Year 6 final blog!

    Published 18/07/21, by Andy Mari

    Our final blog of the year and our final blog as Year 6s. What a roller-coaster time the children have had over the last couple of year and what amazing resilience they have shown. They have all been demonstrating the roebuck value of determination during this pandemic. And these last few weeks have been no different: we had a wonderful Geography day when we learnt about grid references and modern mapping using 'What3Words' to locate areas around the school; we created art inspired by street art from the Bellavista region of Chile; created carnival masks for our South American day; ate a traditional Brazilian chocolate sweet; and enjoyed a sing-song and a marshmallow round a campfire all to celebrate Geography week.

    It was also wonderful to see so many of the children come along to the prom to celebrate their time here at Roebuck; lots of smartly dressed young children who had such an amazing time and a credit to you and the school. As we near the end of the final chapter for this wonderful cohort, I would like to thank them for all their contributions throughout the year, the teamwork they have shown and the wonderful young individuals they have all become. At Roebuck, in Year 6, we are Superstars.

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  • Year 6 are Electric!

    Published 13/06/21, by Andy Mari

    It is the final half-term for Year 6, and we have been continuing with some wonderful work we began before half-term titled ‘Looking Back’. The children have been very reflective over their time at Roebuck and have created some fantastic analogies to describe what their Primary School experience has been like. In Geography this half-term we have started to research about South America — using the Atlases to locate South America and the countries that it consists of. In maths, we have started to look at co-ordinates and how we can reflect and translate shapes. For computing this half-term, Year 6 have been tasked with the challenge of making a quiz for the Year 2 classes. We have started to conduct some research into the types of questions we can create using Purple Mash and thinking about research questions to ask the Year 2s over a virtual meeting next week. 

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  • Art inspired!

    Published 18/05/21, by Andy Mari

    In Year 6 we are nearing the end of our unit on the Maya civilisation. Throughout this unit the children have learnt about the Maya creation story, made a Maya calendar, written their own adaptation of a Maya story and learnt about the writing and number systems that the Maya used. In art this half term we have been ‘making our voice heard’ by creating some pieces of work based on emotions by Kathe Kollwitz and designing our own ‘Covid inspired’ Guernica by Pablo Picasso. During computing we have been learning about binary code and how it is made using switches and we have learnt how to count in binary. As we near the end of the year, we start our new literacy unit titled ‘Looking back’. The children will be writing their own reflective piece looking back at some of their standout memories through the course of their primary school journey. Tissues at the ready! 

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  • Year 6 Make their voice heard!

    Published 01/05/21, by Andy Mari

    In Year 6 this half-term we have started our unit on the Mayas. We have learnt about who discovered them, and used the atlases to locate Central America where their civilisation was found. In art this half-term our unit is titled ‘Make my voice heard’. So far, we have created our own graffiti art using oil pastels and discussed the fact that some people believe graffiti is a form of vandalism, while others believe it is a form of art and a way to express themselves. We have also made our own Kathe Kollwitz inspired expression piece using graphite sticks and some basic shading with very pleasing outcomes. This week, we began our new literacy unit based on David Wisniewski’s book Rain Player. This story tells us about a game of Pok-a-Tok which finds a player challenging a God to a game in order to release rain to his village.  

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  • Year 6 start to the Summer term

    Published 15/04/21, by Andy Mari

    What a strange year it has been and how strange to think that we are in the final term now of the Year 6's journey with us at Roebuck (I promised myself I wouldn't cry!). Year 6 have made a fantastic start back this term and we have just started our Historical unit about the Mayans. So far, we have begun to learn about the discovery of the Mayans by Frederick Catherwood and John Lloyd Stevens; we have even started to write a diary entry in role of when they discovered ancient Copan. We had our first lesson of our new computing unit about networking on computers, and life without the internet/mobile phones, which prompted a lot of "When I was younger..." and "In my day..." from Mr Alden. We have begun making Mayan masks to display in our classroom and we will shortly begin learning about light: how it travels, reflection and refraction. A positive start to what will be a great term!

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  • Busy few weeks for Year 6 Elder

    Published 23/03/21, by Andy Mari

    We have been hard at work these last few weeks and have had lots of hands-on activities. For our end of topic unit Coastal Crumble, we linked our theme of coasts to our writing which has featured boats (Kensuke's Kingdom and Floodland) to take on a boat challenge. the children were tasked to design and make a boat that would fulfil set criteria: the boat must float;  hold four people and survive a storm. This proved successful for some but not all; however, the end results looked the part. In literacy the children have created a fantastic piece of writing titled 'How to survive on a hostile island'. As part of their independent writing, the children learnt how to make their own tepee style fire and even had a go with a flint and steel to create a spark to light it.

    In addition, in Science we created Blood Smoothies, learnt how the circulatory system worked and, as part of Science Day, created a paper insect without using glue (only cutting and folding methods were allowed).

    Let's not forget our Superhero day. Children dressed up for Comic Relief as a superhero, showing that everyone can be a superhero, and Year 6 have definitely shown that this term!

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  • Year 6 News

    Published 27/02/21, by Andy Mari

    At the end of last half term, we finished our persuasive speeches, and it was lovely to have volunteers from home to share and record their persuasive contributions about why schools should adopt non-uniform and how milkshakes should be encouraged in schools rather than milk. We started the new half term by finishing our RE unit on Islam and the 5 Pillars. We have enjoyed discussing how Muslims show their commitment towards their God and have been impressed by the responses and depth of discussion from these lessons. This half term we look at Easter and why Christianity is important more than 2000 years after the birth of Jesus. In literacy we have started our new unit based on Kensuke’s Kingdom and have seen some wonderful written work from this including the use of personification and colons to introduce lists. During topic last half term, we created a recreation of ‘Hokusai Wave’ using a watercolour wash and mark making inspired by Gustav Klimt. We are thrilled with the news of those at home joining us this half term and can’t wait to celebrate more success together. 

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  • Year 6 half term news

    Published 10/02/21, by Andy Mari

    What a great half term in Year 6. Despite the challenges we have managed some great collaborative work between those at home and those in school and have continually been impressed with their maturity towards their learning. We have been learning about Greta Thunberg in Literacy and have been composing a persuasive speech about climate change. The children have then created their own persuasive speeches based on a theme of their choice. We have also been doing lots of art this half term and have been creating a range of still life compositions using different media: sketching pencils, charcoal, oil pastels and even rubbers to create a negative impression. During topic we have learnt about the process of erosion and have created our own animations to show the impact on the coastline. Our RE focus this half term was around how Muslims show their commitment to their God. This has resulted in some great in-depth discussions around what commitment looks like and the 5 pillars of Islam.

    Well done all to another fantastic half term.

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  • Flotam- Year 6

    Published 18/01/21, by Andy Mari

    Year 6 have been absolute stars both in class and online. Our first week back we introduced our new Topic unit Coastal Crumble. To link with our theme of the coast, we looked at the picture book Flotsam by David Wiesner. The children loved our experience day looking at examples of flotsam that could have washed ashore and even had the chance to look at a camera that was around 100 years old to link with the text. The children have enjoyed writing their own sections of the story and have been very creative using similes, alliteration, and personification to create imagery for the reader. We will now be using what we have learnt to write our own follow-on story titled Jetsam. In science the children have been learning about classification of animals and had lots of fun classifying the class like a giant game of Guess Who. We continue to work hard to improve our times tables and build on the great success of last term. Lastly, I cannot praise our home learners enough. Those children who are working from home have shown a great deal of resilience and patience with technology and have demonstrated a real maturity towards their education which has been a delight to see. Well done Year 6!

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  • Children of war.

    Published 04/12/20, by Andy Mari

    This week Year 6 have begun our new literacy unit based on Rose Blanche, a young girl growing up in Germany during the start of World War 2. Using our existing knowledge of the war, the children have produced some fantastic writing describing the cobbled alleyways, flowing fountains, and simpler times of life before the war in Germany. This has linked with our topic 'Children of war' where we have been learning about another young girl during WW2, Anne Frank. We learnt about her life, her story, and her premature death. We looked at how her life changed when war was declared and discussed how she would have lived whilst in hiding. The children then had a chance to create a butterfly inspired by the poem by Pavel Friedmann, a Jewish Czechoslovak poet, about seeing the last butterfly whilst in Auschwitz concentration camp. Year 6 created their butterflies to remember the 1.5 million Jewish children that died in the Holocaust, including Anne Frank, known as The Butterfly Project.  

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  • Back to school with a bang!

    Published 08/11/20, by Andy Mari

    Year 6 have been exposed to some fantastic opportunities over the last few weeks: musical renditions by a woodwind quintet, dance choreography, and abstract art. Before half term Year 6, along with some other classes, had the opportunity to take part in a Halloween dance workshop run by Warriorz Performing Arts Academy. The children were all dressed up in their Halloween costumes and performed a routine to Michael Jackson’s Thriller. It was such a joy to watch and the children clearly loved every minute of it! We also completed some Artwork based on the work of Corey Barksdale for Black History Month using oil pastels. In addition, the class have shared my excitement about our latest literacy unit which is based around news reports. We have taken the well-known Fairy Tale Goldilocks and begun to write our own article about it: looking at the crimes that Goldilocks may have committed and a range of high-level vocabulary for the feelings that the bears may have experienced from this traumatic ordeal. Year 6 have made a positive start to the week and we look forward to another great half term of learning. 

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  • Latest Blog from Year 6

    Published 18/10/20, by Andy Mari

    Year 6 have been busy doing lots of fun practical activities over the last week: we have learnt how to draw a phoenix to link with our story Journey by Aaron Becker, we have conducted a science investigation to see how natural selection works using a variety of seed types and beaks, and we have begun cutting wood and cams for our automata toy designs. In addition to this we have been working hard to learn a poem to perform for you titled Refugees. Watch this space!

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