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  • Latest news in Year 6

    Published 22/05/24, by Andy Mari

    In computing, we have been planning and composing blogs about topics of our choice. We planned using '2connect' in Purple Mash which helps us to plan a mind map. In the upcoming week, we shall be doing our exams commonly referred to as SAT’s. To do revision, we split the classes into groups, so we could focus on specific areas. In art, we compared Van Gogh to Adam Lister using Lister's pixelated art. During SPaG, we played a quiz in teams to answer grammar questions. In Science, we looked at reflection and refraction and used water and a glass to see how the glass and water can alter an image. 

    For one of our topic lessons, we sacrificed a member of the class to recreate a Maya ceremony. First we paid for our victim with red beans. Then, we held their arms and painted their face blue before pinning them down on the alter to perform the ritual. Once the sacrifice had been completed we had a go at writing up this process in a first person recount.

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  • Death masks in Year 6.

    Published 27/04/24, by Andy Mari

    This week, we have been learning about the Ancient Maya civilisation. We focused on using artefacts to inform us of how they lived and what they believed in. We studied King Pakal's death mask and asked questions. In addition, we also studied how the Maya communicated. We found out that they wrote using their own hieroglyphs and created their own books called codices. We crated our own using well-known Maya symbols. After this, we then looked in-depth at their hierarchy system. We discussed what life was like for rich or poor members of Maya society. Next week, watch out- a member of Year 6 will be sacrificed! Who will it be? Only the high priest will decide! 

    At Roebuck, we are historians! 

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  • Latest news in Year 6

    Published 02/04/24, by Andy Mari

    In Year 6 we have been working so hard. This week we completed our DT projects by making an animal enclosure. We had access to lots of different materials: cardboard tubes, dowelling, wood, lolly sticks and more. We used PVA and glue guns to secure our designs to the base.
    Also, to end this term, we started learning about algebra. We looked at what an expression was and how to work out the rules of sequences. During our English unit we learnt about a poem used for the Winter Olympics called The Dreadful Menace. We looked at the poetic devices used and the powerful vocabulary that the author chose. We then generated our own words and phrases before creating our own poem based on the one we studied. We are looking forward to a well-earned break.

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  • Latest news in Year 6

    Published 15/03/24, by Andy Mari

    This week we have been occupied with our Mock SATs. Some of us sat in the hall and in other rooms so we could experience what the real thing would be like.

    In science, we cut open a lamb heart to study its chambers and veins. We then studied the blood by making a blood soup: adding Plasma (orange juice), Red blood cells(food dyed cheerios),White blood cells(white chocolate chips) and platelets (rice) into a jug. In DT, we have been studying different animal enclosures and what features are needed before we make our own.

    During PE, we played rapid fire cricket, which is like cricket, but you hit 3 balls between the two players in the same team, and they run until the fielders have put the equipment back to normal. Lastly, in computing, we have started a new topic about text adventure where we make a storyline to make a game.

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  • Latest news in Year 6.

    Published 02/03/24, by Andy Mari

    In mathematics, we have started using ratio and using it with measurements e.g. a recipe of 4 pizzas to 2 pizzas. In our English, we started a non-chronological report about Mount Everest. We had an Experience day where we  wrote about a climber’s gear if they climbed Everest. On the 8th, we had to be in our P.E kit and do an activity: Spotty dogs; Mountain climbers; Push-ups and Star-jumps. Also, our new computing unit we are learning about Text Adventures. We started off by following some choices to navigate through a story. We are soon going to be designing our own chosen story. We started a new Science unit this week which is about the circulatory system and we learnt about how the blood pumps around the body to our organs.

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  • Latest news in Year 6

    Published 10/02/24, by Andy Mari

    Year 6 had an assembly with Ally who works for the book company called ‘Usborne’ and  explained about ‘Ready, Steady, Read!’ a challenge that helps us raise money for more books in the library. Last time we raised over 5000 pounds! In English, we had an experience day, where we had to find the non-fiction shapes in English and put them in the right spot in the text. Also, we have been doing practice SATs tests. During Science, we did a classification chart for leaves based on their characteristics. In PE we performed our gymnastics routine and recorded it before using the climbing frame more recently. During our computing unit, we created spreadsheets and took on some activities so we could record the data: star jumps, dice rolls and our age in months. Next week, we will be finding the average of our results and looking at how to format them.

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  • Busy times in Year 6

    Published 27/01/24, by Andy Mari

    To finish our previous unit  - Evolution - we headed to the Tring museum. We saw many animals of different kinds: rhinos, elephants and loads more animals. We have started a new geography unit which is all about the UK and Northern Ireland and have started learning about counties. During a Dreamcatcher assembly, people from Axis Communications came in to show us their presentation about Martin Gren (the founder), about what their cameras were for and we saw a live feed from a camera in Sweden! We have started using spreadsheets in our new computing unit for calculations. For art we are doing Still Life which is the art of drawing inanimate objects in 3-D.You may know some of the artists we studied: Andy Warhol, Caravaggio and Jean Siméon Chardin. In English, as part of our experience day, we handled different things from the beach (which Miss Legg kindly loaded in her car for us from the beach) to describe for our independent write ‘Kensuke's Kingdom’. 

    From Christopher Storton & Ruby Travi

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  • Latest news in Year 6

    Published 16/01/24, by Andy Mari

    This half term we have started a new geography unit all about the UK. We started the unit by locating the countries and some of the main cities using atlases. We have also had our first Dream Catcher assembly of the new year and were visited by Axis, who came in and did a presentation about Martin Gren and about what their cameras were for. We even saw a live feed from a train station camera in Sweden! In Art, we have begun a unit about Still Life. In computing, we began using spreadsheets to look at calculations. Our focus text this half-term in Literacy is Kensuke's Kingdom. We read the first chapter and did some freeze frames before starting our sentence writing focusing on language to describe the sea.

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  • Latest news in Year 6

    Published 09/12/23, by Andy Mari

    In Literacy, we have started a new unit all about the life of Sir David Attenborough. We have looked at some facts about his life, animals and plants that he has discovered and places he has visited. We are using our sentence stacking lessons to build our own biographies for this national treasure. In music, we put the finishing touches to our performance piece ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ by Journey, where we sang and performed using ukuleles. Also, this half-term we have sat our end of term tests (how mean): completing arithmetic tests which we have been practising as part of our early morning work. We have also been creating some fantastic art inspired by Henry Fraser. We shared some of our work with him on X (formerly known as Twitter) and we even got a response from him! 

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  • Latest news in Year 6

    Published 27/11/23, by Andy Mari

    As you know, we have had the well known Pudsey day. On this day we all dressed in yellow for children in need. We made money for charity by doing a burpee challenge. The year sixes helped group count each year group and all the children got a high five from Pudsey! 

    in literacy, after plotting our own ideas based on the story of Rose Blanche, we started to plan our own version of the ending. We were given a starting plot point, and then generated the rest of the plot.

    Each year group had a visitor who came in to talk about equality. Year 6 was taught about: LGBTQIA+ and race. We took part in debates with the visitor, and tried to prove our points. We discussed a book called Tango makes 3 and debated about why the book was banned in some countries. We also debated whether Harry Kane should've worn the LGBTQIA+ band in the World Cup set in Qatar, that he was forbidden to wear because of their laws.

    By Ruby T & Christopher S

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  • Latest news in Year 6

    Published 11/11/23, by Andy Mari

    At the start of half term, Year 6 were preparing a story to read to their parents and guardians. These were made to be spooky and to add to the atmosphere, the teachers turned off the lights and played some eerie music to set the mood. The stories were based off a book called The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman. We made different plots, twists and turns for our own versions. In our new unit in literacy we have started Rose Blanche, which follows on from our history unit about a young girl growing up in Dachau, Germany.

    Recently, we have been going, in our own time, to EYFS, Year 1, Year 2, Nursery, Reception and Lunch hall to help and play with the younger children. 


    Ruby Travi & Christopher Storton

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  • Photography in Year 6

    Published 14/10/23, by Andy Mari

    In Art, Year 6 have been learning, as part of their photography unit, how to re-create famous paintings. They had to think very carefully about the composition of their picture and how they can use different objects around the classroom as props replicating items in the paintings. 

    We have also edited photos which we have taken. We studied on using macrophotography and edited our images carefully, using inspiration from an artist called Edward Weston. Lastly, we have been trying really hard to improve our sketchbook skills. We are so proud of the outcomes. At Roebuck, we are photographers. 


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