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  • Latest news in Year 6

    Published 27/11/23, by Andy Mari

    As you know, we have had the well known Pudsey day. On this day we all dressed in yellow for children in need. We made money for charity by doing a burpee challenge. The year sixes helped group count each year group and all the children got a high five from Pudsey! 

    in literacy, after plotting our own ideas based on the story of Rose Blanche, we started to plan our own version of the ending. We were given a starting plot point, and then generated the rest of the plot.

    Each year group had a visitor who came in to talk about equality. Year 6 was taught about: LGBTQIA+ and race. We took part in debates with the visitor, and tried to prove our points. We discussed a book called Tango makes 3 and debated about why the book was banned in some countries. We also debated whether Harry Kane should've worn the LGBTQIA+ band in the World Cup set in Qatar, that he was forbidden to wear because of their laws.

    By Ruby T & Christopher S

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  • Latest news in Year 6

    Published 11/11/23, by Andy Mari

    At the start of half term, Year 6 were preparing a story to read to their parents and guardians. These were made to be spooky and to add to the atmosphere, the teachers turned off the lights and played some eerie music to set the mood. The stories were based off a book called The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman. We made different plots, twists and turns for our own versions. In our new unit in literacy we have started Rose Blanche, which follows on from our history unit about a young girl growing up in Dachau, Germany.

    Recently, we have been going, in our own time, to EYFS, Year 1, Year 2, Nursery, Reception and Lunch hall to help and play with the younger children. 


    Ruby Travi & Christopher Storton

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  • Photography in Year 6

    Published 14/10/23, by Andy Mari

    In Art, Year 6 have been learning, as part of their photography unit, how to re-create famous paintings. They had to think very carefully about the composition of their picture and how they can use different objects around the classroom as props replicating items in the paintings. 

    We have also edited photos which we have taken. We studied on using macrophotography and edited our images carefully, using inspiration from an artist called Edward Weston. Lastly, we have been trying really hard to improve our sketchbook skills. We are so proud of the outcomes. At Roebuck, we are photographers. 


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  • Year 6 Osmington Bay

    Published 03/10/23, by Andy Mari
    On Monday we left school at quarter to 12 and got on the coach to Osmington Bay. Once we got there, we met our leaders for the week, and then they showed us to our rooms. Once we all settled in, we went to the sandpit for about 10 minutes before dinner. After we had dinner, we went back to the rooms for a while and then started our evening activities. After that, we all went to our rooms and got ready for the night. The next day we all met at the meeting point and started our activities. Some of the activities we did were: giant swing, rock climbing, abseiling, sensory trail, aeroball, trapeze,vertical challenge and rifle shooting. My favourite was definitely the giant swing because it shocked me because he told us it was a safety rope, and it was actually the rope that let us down. 
    Overall, we had such a great time with lots of adventure and laughter! 
    Written by Sienna (Head Girl) 
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  • Photography in Year 6

    Published 17/09/23, by Andy Mari

    This term, in Art, we have been studying all things photography. Last week, we focused on different art techniques called Photomontage. This week, we became photographers! We specifically focused on a style called ‘macro photography’. This is a type of skill where we ‘zoomed’ into our object we were capturing. We had to think carefully about the background of our object as well as choosing the correct setting on the camera. Next week we will be using the images we photographed to edit and manipulate to create our own artwork. 

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  • Latest news in Year 6

    Published 12/03/23, by Andy Mari

    Year 6 have been fully immersed in their learning over the last couple of weeks. In particular, we have had a very busy few weeks in Science. We've dissected hearts in to understand the structure of the chambers in closer detail. We've made blood soup using Cheerios and juice to show how it is made up of different parts. Year 5 and Six we're invited to take part in a zoom call all about birds of prey where we learnt about the food they eat, their hearing, an their eyesight along with other fascinating facts. Finally, as part of a whole school investigation, we conducted tests to see whether a more expensive biscuit was a better dunker to a cheaper one. Another key focus from this week was our music performance as a whole Key Stage. We learnt an original songs written by University students and had the chance to perform these for the rest of the Key Stage. Most recently, we have been analysing a poem that was used for the 2014 Winter Olympics campaign titled 'The Dreadful Menace'. We have enjoyed looking at the use of personification and creating our own ideas to construct a collaborative group poem all about winter.

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  • Latest news in Year 6

    Published 28/01/23, by Andy Mari

    Another amazing week in Year 6, full of fun activities and new experiences! We had our Holocaust workshop with two amazing teachers from Thomas Alleynes- who taught us the history of the Holocaust and what happened during the horrifying event. We learned over 6 million Jews were killed due to their religion, race & beliefs.

    We have started a new unit in literacy on persuasive speeches- mainly learning about Greta Thunberg and how she has the passion to try and save our beautiful world. In addition, we are currently making posters about the topic Greta was trying to explain- Climate Change. A challenge is currently making its way around the school: we have been challenged by Mrs Young to draw a realistic tiger for last year’s astrological animal for the Chinese New Year, the tiger (a symbol of dignity, ferocity, sternness and energy). Another piece of art we have begun is titled ‘The Great Wave’, where we will be using cross-hatching to fill our designs.

    Finally, in maths, we have been learning about the nets of cubes, 3d shapes and their properties and working extremely hard on our arithmetic scores. At Roebuck we are…

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  • Latest in Year 6

    Published 14/01/23, by Andy Mari

    Year 6 have made a great start back and have certainly hit the ground running. We started our new literacy unit based on Michael Morpurgo's Kensuke's Kingdom. We have already had our first long writing task to describe the storm using personification and onomatopoeia. To support us in this, we created our own soundscape of a thunderstorm using body percussion (check out a video we posted on our Twitter page). We have also begun our new science unit looking at classification: what classification is using a game of class Guess Who; and why we classify. We are also looking forward to our music unit and learning to play the ukulele.

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  • Latest news in Year 6

    Published 17/12/22, by Andy Mari

    This month was filled with endless excitement and countless fun for Elder and Ash. Of course, Monday was a snow day - and because of this we had time at school to enjoy the winter-wonderland outside! We had an extremely exciting lesson about dog breeds, where we matched dogs to their best descriptions and wrote definitions of breeds and their personalities as part of our science unit about inherited and acquired characteristics. In addition, we had a lesson drawing the Mr Men and Little Miss’s children and their genetic inheritances. In English, each child wrote autobiographies on the Chromebooks! We also had many tests to stretch our brains even further and to see the wonderful progress we have been making so far this year. Finally, we enjoyed our last Friday before the end of term with a non-school uniform day and an exciting class party with games, drinks and food to our hearts content! What a perfect way to end the year.

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  • Latest news in Year 6

    Published 04/12/22, by Andy Mari

    What have we been doing in Year 6 this week? Last Friday, we took part in a Boxing Workshop where we learnt how to dodge, block and attack! We learnt to work against each other and found out what boxers do! We were also joined by the Maynard Ensemble, who taught us about the WoodWind instruments that the group that had brought with them: they told us about their instruments, played some songs and even tricked us into clapping on one of them - making us think that the song was finished when it wasn’t (they managed to do this three times before the song ended). In Literacy, we have moved onto a Biography unit. We are currently writing a Biography on David Attenborough and what he has done throughout his life up until now. After we have completed this we are planning to write an independent piece on a choice of three famous individuals.

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  • NeYear 6 latest news

    Published 21/11/22, by Andy Mari

    During these past few weeks, we have been up to a lot of activities inside Year 6! We’ve had our amazing Books & Blankets session where parents were invited to read with us, provided with amazing breakfast foods such as croissants, biscuits, and a hot drink of tea. In addition, we had a Remembrance Service to celebrate the lives of the people who fought in the war and also to mourn the losses of our soldiers. A couple of Year 6s had the chance to speak in front of the whole school for this. Last week we had a Scooter Workshop where we got to participate in amazing tricks such as jumping over ramps and bunny jumps. In class, we have been writing a story related to WW2 called Rose Blanche. We have written an Internal Monologue and have begun to plan and write an ending of our own to the story. During French we completed a French test to try out our French skills in certain subjects: our names (‘Je m'appelle’) and our age (‘J'ai dix ans’) and where we live (‘J’habite a Stevenage’). In History, we began to research dates and subjects to create a timeline on women's suffrage and how they fought for the right to vote. Lastly, in PE, we have been learning how to do archery: how to hold a bow, how to shoot arrows and how to aim correctly.

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  • Do you dare to read?...

    Published 05/11/22, by Andy Mari

    This week, in Year 6, we hosted our very own FRIGHT NIGHT! During this event, the children read their own horror stories to their parents, grandparents and siblings. They had to think about how to perform this to create a scary atmosphere as well as ensuring what they were saying was clear. Thank you to all parents that attended-we hope you enjoyed listening to the scary stories and hat you weren't too scared! 


    At Roebuck, we are horror writers! 

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