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  • Year 6 return to school.

    Published 30/05/20, by Andy Mari

    With Year 6 returning to school, we have put together a welcome Power Point for children to aid transition back to class. Please click below to  access.

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  • Defibrillator Training 28.2.20

    Published 28/02/20, by Danny Alden

    On Friday, Year 6 took part in a 'Love your Heart' Workshop.

    Year 6 took part in a first aid session this week where they learnt what to do in a range of scenarios. They then took turns to get their partners into the recovery position, use an inflatable dummy to practise chest compressions and finally had a discussion about a defibrillator and how to use one. The Year 6s were very attentive and asked lots of useful questions. Many thanks to the company who came in to run the session.

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  • TT Rockstars/Smarties day 14.2.20

    Published 14/02/20, by Danny Alden

    On Friday 14th of February Roebuck Academy had a TTrockstars day (in case you are unfamiliar with this times table platform it is a safe internet game that we encourage children to use every day for 20 minutes or as long as they desire). 

    For this themed day we dressed up as rockstars with the outfit, hair and makeup. We had an extremely talented young lady come in and teach us a meaningful song which we sang at the end of the day as a whole school.

    Also we spent the day doing maths using a tube of Smarties. We worked with our partners to calculate the mean, median, mode and range of a tube of Smarties and also learned how to represent our data using a pictogram and a pie chart. We then spent some of the afternoon measuring ourselves and the room in Smarties. Fun fact: Mr Alden is 124 Smarties tall.

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  • 3 posts in one! A busy day 11.2.20

    Published 14/02/20, by Danny Alden

    On Tuesday Year 6 started the day with an E-safety assembly and task, followed by a road safety awareness workshop and finally finished the day off with our Fantastic Finish to parents.

    Road Safety

    We were joined by Barbara and Chris who work with the council to keep the roads safe. First we listened to a scenario about a road hazards and we discussed where should put different crossings. The council only gets a certain amount of money a year for different crossings so in the scenario we had a budget of £200,000. We had to think about how much money we were using and where to put the different road safety features. For example puffin crossing was £54,000 and we had to think about how many we used and their location.



    For e-safety day we were read a story titled #Goldilocks. We then had a go at making our own #fairy tale story. We were given the story of Jack and the Beanstalk to make up a funny piece of writing to go along with two designed pictures. In our story, the main character, Jack, posted things they weren’t supposed to and got into trouble for his actions with the giant.


    Fantastic Finish

    This doesn’t mean that we have finished our topic. In this period of time we read out a poem written by Wilfred Owen titled Dulce et Decorum est. this poem was accompanied by an emotive drama performed by 10 members of the class. Afterwards we sang a wartime song called “Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag”. We sounded pretty amazing if you ask me. Next we did a bit of cooking with our parents and made carrot buns using only the food that was available in war time as a result of rationing. We used a small amount of each item: sugar self-rising flour; sultanas, grated carrots, milk and eggs. We were given a wooden mixing spoon and a plastic bowl. The results wee delicious!

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  • Attendance Award 31.1.20

    Published 14/02/20, by Danny Alden

    A quick note.

    Just to inform you all that Year 6 are very proud to announce that we won the attendance award for highest attendance (for week 17th Jan – 31 Jan). We won with a high 97.3%.This is the second time we have won the attendance award and we hope to be having it a lot more in the run up to SATs.

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  • VR Experience

    Published 14/02/20, by Danny Alden

    On Wednesday 29th of January the whole of KS2 took part in a virtual reality experience. Year 6’s topic was World War 1&2.

    In this experience we witnessed the horror that heroic worriers had gone through in the time period of 1914-1918 & 1939-1945 altogether 10 years of horrifying sights and deaths were seen. Our first virtual picture was about one of the more higher standard trenches made from wood we found out they do not last long because wood lice ate their way through using the opening of bullet holes.

    Our second virtual image was all to do with a how hard medics had to work and how busy their job would be in the World Wars.

    The third image was all about the weapons that they used to attack and defend: snipers; grenades and machine guns.

    Our fourth and final image wasn’t about world wars but it was about a topic that we will cover next term. We learnt a bit about the Mayan temples and how they are now a sight-seeing tourist attraction.     

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  • Children of War 16.1.20

    Published 23/01/20, by Danny Alden

    On Thursday Year 6 ventured to Stevenage museum to learn about the life of an evacuee child. 

    On this trip we experienced being an evacuee, and to make this experience seem realistic, we dressed up in dresses, shirts and shorts. We investigated things from the war: real gas masks; boots; books; old fashioned cameras; photos; toys; clothing and more. To make it more surreal, whenever a siren was signalled, we had to scramble under the tables with our gas masks at hand. We also learned that babies used to be placed in a special gas mask tunnel to keep them safe at all times during a gas attack. Fun fact, there were actually no gas attacks in World War II. At the end we read out real letters from evacuee children to their parents about their new life with another family.


    It was extremely fun and we are grateful to Stevenage Museum for having us.

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  • Geography Week 13.1.20-15.1.20

    Published 23/01/20, by Danny Alden

    This week was a Geography themed week.

    For the first three days of the week all of Key Stage 2 swapped rooms to learn about different countries .Yr. 6 was Germany; Yr. 5 was Peru; Yr. 4 Cedar was Kennya; Yr. 4 Rowan was the U.K; Yr. 3 Pear was Italy and Yr. 3 cherry was U.S.A. We went to each class on a different day and we learnt a lot about each country. In Year 6 Mr Alden taught us about Germany. We learnt some German vocabulary and designed paper plates to act as a fact file. Mrs Jarman (Year 5) had us make a comparison sheet of Peru’s and UK’s mountain ranges. Miss Smith (Year 4 Cedar) had us look at fact files of animals in Kenya and we made mind maps on what animals are becoming extinct, how they are becoming extinct and how we can stop it. Miss O’Reilly (Year 4 Rowan) told us to pin point certain places in the UK and landmarks on a plain map of the UK. In Miss Whitfield’s class (Year 3 Pear) we made a fact file on a certain place in Italy- the boot as people call it. In Miss William’s class (Year 3 Cherry) we learnt about the United States of America. Miss Williams had us colour certain states on a map then she had us pin point the top 10 cities in America by population.

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  • 1st week back!

    Published 16/01/20, by Danny Alden

    1st week back!


    Happy new year to all, hope you’re having an amazing 2020. In the first week of the second term of the year, Year 6 have been very busy completing tests and starting new topics in Science, English and Topic/History.


    Year 6 have a new topic named Children Of War – this involved us looking at the start of some major wars: WWI, WWII and the war of Afghanistan. We know a bit of how the First World War started but we will keep you on the edge of your seat until next week.


    Year 6 also have a new topic in science which is Animals including humans. This topic includes talking about the different systems in the human body and animal body. We talked about the organs, bones and muscles. There are three different systems we talked about – the digestive system, the skeletal system and the muscular system.


    We promise this is last new topic in this blog, we started to read a new book called the Journey,which is about refugees (this links to our topic Children Of War). We will tell you more about the book next week.


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  • Kingswood post.

    Published 07/11/19, by Andy Mari

    Rain hasn't dampened our spirits. We have just been to the coast and discussed erosion and sea defences that can been seen along the West Runton coast. Someone was also lucky enough to find a crab shell!

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  • Kingswood Post

    Published 06/11/19, by Andy Mari

    Children are having a great time. All settled in their rooms. We have seen some great examples of resilience from the children doing abseiling and the zip wire, we have seen children zooming round a sand track in a buggy and had some great examples of teamwork on the obstacle course. Lots more activities to look forward to.

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  • Year 6 Darwin's Finches

    Published 17/10/19, by Danny Alden


    This week we have designed Christmas cards for our families, completed multiple science experiments and learnt about Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution and the finches of the Galapagos.

    To design our Christmas cards we had to stick tissue paper to a picture of a dove and cut it out to make an abstract design for a unique touch. We have also completed some really fun science experiments were we had to test different objects: spoons, tweezers, pegs and scissors (we pretended these were the finches beaks) and picked up different objects: marbles, rice, macaroni and lentils with them. To see which beak type works better for the food that is in their area.

    We also planned a ‘show not tell’ based on our literacy book, Floodland, to show the living conditions of a dwindling island.



    This week we have finished our pictures of fish in art, typed up our finished product about characters feelings, created a game on a programing website and focused on angles in math.

    For our fish we created the outline of a fish and then did the design in biro. We looked at intricate pictures of already drawn fish and then mimicked them in our own unique way.

    In the computer room, on Purple Mash, we created a program so that when we clicked a turtle or pressed the space button, our game started to unfold. After playing a game that someone in our class had created, we looked at his coding and tried to make our own.

    Our character descriptions in literacy this week have involved colons, semi-colons, alliteration and metaphors. In math, we have been learning how to solve angle problems and puzzles. 

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