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VR Experience

On Wednesday 29th of January the whole of KS2 took part in a virtual reality experience. Year 6’s topic was World War 1&2.

In this experience we witnessed the horror that heroic worriers had gone through in the time period of 1914-1918 & 1939-1945 altogether 10 years of horrifying sights and deaths were seen. Our first virtual picture was about one of the more higher standard trenches made from wood we found out they do not last long because wood lice ate their way through using the opening of bullet holes.

Our second virtual image was all to do with a how hard medics had to work and how busy their job would be in the World Wars.

The third image was all about the weapons that they used to attack and defend: snipers; grenades and machine guns.

Our fourth and final image wasn’t about world wars but it was about a topic that we will cover next term. We learnt a bit about the Mayan temples and how they are now a sight-seeing tourist attraction.