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Busy few weeks for Year 6 Elder

We have been hard at work these last few weeks and have had lots of hands-on activities. For our end of topic unit Coastal Crumble, we linked our theme of coasts to our writing which has featured boats (Kensuke's Kingdom and Floodland) to take on a boat challenge. the children were tasked to design and make a boat that would fulfil set criteria: the boat must float;  hold four people and survive a storm. This proved successful for some but not all; however, the end results looked the part. In literacy the children have created a fantastic piece of writing titled 'How to survive on a hostile island'. As part of their independent writing, the children learnt how to make their own tepee style fire and even had a go with a flint and steel to create a spark to light it.

In addition, in Science we created Blood Smoothies, learnt how the circulatory system worked and, as part of Science Day, created a paper insect without using glue (only cutting and folding methods were allowed).

Let's not forget our Superhero day. Children dressed up for Comic Relief as a superhero, showing that everyone can be a superhero, and Year 6 have definitely shown that this term!

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