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Wowkshops in Year 6

We have been lucky enough to have two wonderful workshops this week in Year 6. On Wednesday we welcomed a circus and we learnt to use different equipment to perform our own skills. The circus man and our teachers helped us out if we were struggling with any activity. We played with juggling balls, a diablo, plate spinning and gravity sticks. The circus performer even showed us some really hard tricks including balancing the stick on his chin whilst the plate was spinning, doing a bunch of 360 turns with the gravity sticks, juggling the balls really high and throwing and catching the diablo whilst doing some cool tricks. We had fun with this experience and loved it!

We also took part in a World War 2 workshop with an ex-soldier named Carl. He told us all about how the war started and some of the main battles. We then took part in a quiz and held our nerve as bomb experts using a buzzer game. Finally, we finished of the day with some information about some of the weapons before having some marching lessons.

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