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  • Exploring the environment in Nursery

    Published 10/02/24, by Andy Mari

    This week in Nursery we have been using our senses to explore the environment. We have been investigating feely trays with mud, slim, fruit, sand and pinecones. We have also observed ice blocks to see what happens to it over time. Alongside this we have enjoyed water play and using different textured resources to make food in the mud kitchen! 

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  • Latest in Nursery

    Published 25/01/24, by Andy Mari

    This week in Nursery, we have been learning all about firefighters and how they help the community. We have been making fire pictures, retelling stories using props, putting out fires using spray bottles and we have created out own firefighter badges. 

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  • Latest news in Nursery

    Published 16/01/24, by Andy Mari

    This week in nursery we have introduced the children to our new topic 'People who help us'. We kicked off our week learning about doctors and the very important jobs that they do. The children were very excited to see that our role play area had turned into a doctor’s surgery over the holidays. The children have been busy booking doctor’s appointments, writing prescriptions and using the stethoscopes and bandages.

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  • Christmas in Nursery

    Published 09/12/23, by Andy Mari

    Christmas has arrived in Nursery bringing our elves Pickles and Twinkle Toes! We have been exploring our new role play area, which has turned into Santa's workshop. We have been mark making letters to Santa, wrapping presents and using our busy fingers to decorate the tree.  We are excited to see where elves might appear next week!

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  • Stay and play in Nursery

    Published 25/11/23, by Andy Mari

    This week in Nursery we were joined by our parents for Stay and Play. We were very excited to show our grown-ups the nursery environment and all the things that we do at school. 

    Thank you to all the parents for coming and your continued support. We had a great time!

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  • Celebrating Diwali in Nursery

    Published 11/11/23, by Andy Mari

    This week in Nursery we have been learning about the celebration of Diwali.

    We have been talking about Hinduism and how Diwali is celebrated. 

    We took part in different activities, these included learning the story of Rama and Sita, making Diya lamps, drawing Mehndi hand patterns and we created colourful Rangoli patterns on the playground.


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  • Harvest time in Nursery

    Published 14/10/23, by Andy Mari

    This week in nursery we have been thinking about Harvest time. We have been reading stories and have been discussing where fruit and vegetables come from. We went for a walk to find an apple tree. We picked 18 apples! The children decided that they would like to make an apple crumble. We carefully followed the recipe, and the crumble was delicious! 


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  • Super Duper You in Nursery

    Published 29/09/23, by Andy Mari

    This week we have been reading 'Super Duper you'. We have been thinking about how we are all unique and special.

    We have been painting self-portraits, making our families using natural resources, and we have been learning to recognise the letters in our names. 

    In Nursery we are all special! 

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  • Nursery Settling in.

    Published 16/09/23, by Andy Mari

    Settling in! 

    This has been our first full week in Nursery, and we have been very busy exploring all of the areas. The children have been getting to know each other and making new friends. 

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  • Butterflies in Nursery

    Published 25/06/23, by Andy Mari

    This week in Nursery we were very excited to discover that our caterpillars have changed into butterflies! We have been watching them over time and learning about the life cycle of a butterfly. We used magnifying glasses to observe their wings and the patterns that they have. We discussed where butterflies live and then took them into the garden to be released. The children were very excited to watch them fly away!

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  • Seaside in Nursery

    Published 11/06/23, by Andy Mari

    This week in Nursery we have introduced our new topic of 'The Seaside'. We have been reading a variety of information books and stories about the seaside. The children have been sharing their experiences about the seaside and when they have been on holiday. We have discussed what animals live in the sea.  We have explored our new Beach Cafe in the role play area and have created our own beach pictures.

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  • The Secret garden in Nursery

    Published 22/04/23, by Andy Mari

    This week we have started our new topic of 'The Secret Garden'. The children have been busy getting the nursery garden ready for planting. We have also been exploring our new roleplay area which has changed into a garden centre. To introduce our topic, we have been reading the story 'Jack and the Beanstalk' and have created our own beanstalks from this. We look forward to planting some seeds this half term and observing how they change.  

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