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Weather Mobiles

Nursery News & Weather!

Nursery have returned to Roebuck Academy after the Christmas break, with 5 new children joining us. Our class now totals 29 - we welcome Martin, Erika, Shana, Reece and Mason. 

We started this term by looking at a favourite book, 'The Gruffalo'. The children helped make a 'Gruffalo Wood' role play area, went on a Gruffalo treasure hunt, painted a picture of the Gruffalo and named animals / told the story in their own words. We have now started thinking about Winter and the cold weather. The children made weather mobiles in their small groups, have enjoyed making (and eating!) melting snowmen biscuits, counted raindrops and found out which clothes to wear in cold or rainy weather. 

Observations of your children at some of these activities have 'gone live' from this week... So parents, if you want to check out what your child has been doing in Nursery, please take a look at your new 'Tapestry' account - and enjoy! :-)