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Music Day in Nursery

On Thursday 25th January the whole school celebrated 'Music Day'. In Nursery, the children started the morning with 'Busy Fingers', making straw flutes, lolly stick clappers and elastic band string drums. Mrs Beard showed the class different instruments (brass, string, percussion and wind instruments) and some children got to have a play! (Parents, check out your 'Tapestry' entries or visit the display in our classroom to see some great pictures!) The children enjoyed a noisy boomwhacker (plastic tube instruments) and singing session. In the classroom they listened and expressed their feelings to different genre of music (with a weather theme), through dance, paint and drawing.  The children decided their favourite song was Bill Withers 'A Lovely Day'  - and as adults picked up their children at the end of the morning, we got them to join in with our dance to this track! :-)