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  • North Herts Colege visit

    Published 16/11/21, by Andy Mari

    This week the Year 1 classes were invited to North Herts College to learn about plants.

    The childcare students from the college had set up a wonderful session where we were able to plant seeds, learn about the different parts of a plant, handle unusual food items that had been grown in the allotments there, and we even had a story read to us.

    A great time was had by all, and we thank NHC for having us

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  • Superhero's in Year 1

    Published 05/11/21, by Andy Mari

    As part of our Superhero topic, we have been learning about real life heroes. Today we were visited by Hertfordshire Fire service. We asked lots of questions and learned about all the different ways they help people! 

    Miss Jakeman tried on the fire kit and we all had a turn squirting the hose! It was EPIC! 

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  • Tricky witch visit

    Published 10/10/21, by Andy Mari

    Year 1 received a letter last week from Tricky Witch saying that she had turned Mrs Herbaut into a witch. She also had hidden some tricky words in Creature Corner that we had to go down and read.

    We had great fun finding and reading all of the words and marking them off on our clipboards. 

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  • Books and breakfast

    Published 25/09/21, by Andy Mari

    Year 1 enjoyed our first Books and Breakfast of the school year. SO many families and friends came to join us to share some stories and enjoy some scrumptious snacks. What a perfect ending to the week!

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  • Welcome back Year 1 classes!

    Published 10/09/21, by Andy Mari

    What a fantastic start to year 1 we've had.

    Can you believe that we discovered some paw prints on Monday morning, in our playground. We followed them and they led us all the way down to creature corner. We investigated further and discovered a BEAR in the tree holding our topic book for the week.

    We listened to the story and then built a campfire and roasted some marshmallows. We wrote all about it in our literacy lessons using some amazing adjectives.

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  • Geography week in Year 1

    Published 18/07/21, by Andy Mari

    This week year 1 enjoyed 'camping' on the school field! We were SO excited to read our books inside the tents.. some of us even pretended to have a little sleep!

    We then roasted marshmallows on the fire! We learned how to keep safe whilst camping and now lots of us would like to go with our families. For the rest of Geography week we have been learning about different types of weather.

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  • Animal art in Year 1

    Published 21/06/21, by Andy Mari

    Continuing with our animal topic, this week in Art we created our own creatures. We thought about how the animal would move, what it would eat, where it would live and many other features. We then drew a design of this before using junk modelling to make our creature come to life! 

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  • Fur, Feathers and scales !

    Published 13/06/21, by Andy Mari

    To start our new topic of Fur. Feathers and Scales, Year 1 were visited by Ark Farm.

    The children had the opportunity to pet and feed different animals such as Guinea Pigs, Rabbits, Chicks, Owls, Dogs and Tortoises.

    We had prepared lots of questions to ask the ladies and afterwards we all wrote a recount of our experience.

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  • Pirate treasure hunt

    Published 18/05/21, by Andy Mari

    Year one are learning about prepositional language, writing instructions and using adverbs of time.

    We were left a letter from a pirate saying that there had been some treasure left somewhere in the outdoor area.

    We followed the photo clues hopping over the icy squares, leaping over the crocodile pit, climbing up the rusty rigging and bumping across the rickety pathways that led us to the gleaming booty!

    When we got back to class, we wrote instructions for another pirate to find the treasure!

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  • Year 1 Sea Shanty

    Published 01/05/21, by Andy Mari

    This week the year 1 children have been creating actions and dances to pirate poetry and sea shantys.

    The children listened to 'The good ship sails on the ally ally oh' and created an action for each verse. They then wrote about why they chose that action and what it means.

    We also looked at the poem 'Yo Ho Ho' and identified rhyming words and then thought of our own to add and extra section. 

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  • Pirate day in Year 1

    Published 14/04/21, by Andy Mari
    Ahoy there!
    Year 1 had a fantastic introduction to our new Pirate topic this week.
    We enjoyed a whole day of DT where the children designed, created, tested and evaluated Pirate ships with a moving windmill sail.
    The finished products looked fabulous, and we sent them sailing across the seven seas (paddling pool)
    What a brilliant way to start our summer term! We are looking forward to all our pirate based learning that will follow.
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  • Science day in Year 1

    Published 24/03/21, by Andy Mari

    Year 1 enjoyed our science day last Friday. We went on a 'sound walk' in the morning, trying to identify different sounds around our school. Then had a session exploring lots of different science experiments. We made lava lamps, Jumping raisins, Skittle rainbows, Cup rainbows and talked about how they worked. Some of the children went home and carried on doing experiments, we had lots of photos emailed in!

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