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  • Science day in Year 1

    Published 24/03/21, by Andy Mari

    Year 1 enjoyed our science day last Friday. We went on a 'sound walk' in the morning, trying to identify different sounds around our school. Then had a session exploring lots of different science experiments. We made lava lamps, Jumping raisins, Skittle rainbows, Cup rainbows and talked about how they worked. Some of the children went home and carried on doing experiments, we had lots of photos emailed in!

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  • Year 1 Tasting in Science

    Published 07/03/21, by Andy Mari

    In Year one our science topic is about Our Sense.

    Our lesson this week was focusing on TASTE.

    The children had to try different items of food and describe them.

    Some were brave enough to try them blindfolded

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  • How big???

    Published 02/03/21, by Andy Mari
    Year 1 have been exploring different units of measure.
    We investigated measuring with paper clips and lollysticks measuring the tables, our books and pencils.
    We finished the lesson by trying to estimate how tall Mr Steedman was.... then once we know, we tried to calculate how much shorter Mrs Townley was.
    Mr Steedman 16 Lolly sticks, 54 paper clips
    Mrs Townley 14 Lolly sticks, 45 paper clips 
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  • Senses Year 1 Poetry

    Published 26/02/21, by Andy Mari
    In year 1 we have been exploring poetry about our senses all week.
    We created our own poetry and added actions to a poem, then performed it to an audience.
    We asked the question, "What makes a good performance?"
    We discussed changing the volume, speed and expression of our voices and also experimented with different heights of bodies and places to perform
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  • Devices down day Year 1

    Published 07/02/21, by Andy Mari

    During devices down day Year 1  finished our DT topic which was making alien puppets. We then made chocolate rice kripsies cakes and made DREAMS collages with items we could find in the classroom. 

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  • Y1 showing resilience in PSHE

    Published 27/01/21, by Andy Mari

    As part of our PHSE topic, we have been learning about resilience and perseverance.

    This week we focused on learning new things and how sometimes we have to stretch our thinking. This usually means trying over again and again, stretching a bit more and a bit more each time. We then made our very own ‘stretchy’ flowers. We discussed how important it is to keep trying even if we found the task difficult.


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  • Sensory Garden

    Published 30/11/20, by Jenny Townley

    Year 1 loved visiting the new Sensory Garden! We explored the different textures all around us. We used the colour changing lenses, listened to the different sounds and sat on the very special bench. We finished our exploration by reading a story in the dome. 


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  • Odd Socks Day

    Published 16/11/20, by Jenny Townley

    On Monday 16th November we wore Odd Socks for Anti-Bullying Week. We watched 'Andy and the Odd socks' and learned all about the importance of being unique. We celebrated our differences and showed off our Odd Socks! 


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  • Superhero day!

    Published 02/11/20, by Jenny Townley

    Calling all Superheroes!!!! 

    We flew into the second half of Autumn term with a Superhero day on Monday 2nd November.

    Everyone looked amazing and we cleverly used the excitement to create some wonderful literacy prompts for this weeks lessons on question writing and using amazing adjectives.

    Our learning this term is going to be 'SUPER!'

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  • Diwali celebrations

    Published 19/10/20, by Jenny Townley

    The children have been learning about the festival of light, Diwali, in their RE lessons. They used chalk to create some images of lotus flowers on the year 1 playground. These symbolise enlightenment and eternity!


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  • Trip to the woods

    Published 05/10/20, by Jenny Townley

    What an adventure Year 1 had last week when we all went to Monkswood. 

    This activity morning informed our new literacy topic which is all about how to write a Non-fiction recount.

    The children made mini-beast dens, took part in a nature scavenger hunt, had to find items of different colours and had to see how many different types of mini-beasts we could find.

    We finished off the trip with a snack in the woods and then headed back to school. All the children behaved brilliantly...Well done year 1. 

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  • Tricky Witch!

    Published 28/09/20, by Jenny Townley

    Year 1 had a visit from Tricky Witch last week. She had hidden the Year 1 tricky words all around creature corner and we had to venture off with our clipboards to see if we could find them all!

    She explained that if we could find each word and tick them off our sheets, she would return her wand to us.

    We all worked extremely hard and she was AMAZED by how well we could read them all. Eventually she knew she was defeated by our mighty reading power and she returned the wand. Well done Year 1....what superstars you all are!

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