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  • Which materials made the car go further?

    Published 23/03/21, by Andy Mari
    For our Science, we have been looking at forces. We learnt about a force called friction and how it effects the movement of objects. We wanted to find out which materials made the car go further. We used ramps which had different materials on. We let the car down the ramp and then measured how far the car went when it got to the floor. We had to make sure our test was accurate and fair. To ensure our test was fair, we only changed on variable- the different ramps. It was clear to see which materials had the most friction. 
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  • Did Bronze age people believe in God?

    Published 15/03/21, by Andy Mari

    In this lesson, we wanted to find out if Bronze age people had religion or believed in God. We found out about the Stonehenge and what people thought it was used for. We found out that a lot of archaeologists believed it was used for religious purposes. They also thought it could be used for a burial site.  

    We then created a replica of the Stonehenge using lego, mutli link cubes and playdough. We made sure we included the features such as the altar, the heel stone and Outer Circle of Sarsen stones.  

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  • Year 3 cave drawings

    Published 05/03/21, by Andy Mari

    Continuing our art this week, we used all of our skills and created our own cave drawing using charcoal. We used the techniques that we learned last week and applied them to our drawings. We were completely free to design our own piece of art. We were even told that there was no right ro wrong answer! The children started by shading their background which provided a strong background for them to work on. Each child chose an animal to draw using the 2D shapes method they got taught. Some of the children even used handprints! 

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  • We're a bit of a know-it-owl in Art!

    Published 25/02/21, by Cressida Whitfield

    In Art, we have been looking at prehistoric art. We have been building on our existing drawing skills from previous units and have applied these in our drawings. We drew 2 different owls- one in pencil and one in charcoal. The first drawing we did was our initial sketch which saw us examining the image we were drawing from- looking at the 2D shapes we got from it. We know that everything is made from 2D shapes and when you focus on those when drawing, it is a lot easier! 

    We then moved on to our second drawing of our owl. This time we had to scale up our drawing onto large paper. We also used charcoal which is burnt wood. This can create lots of great effects- especially the smudging technique. We focused on using different tones in our drawings to make them 'come alive'. 

    We then displayed all of our owls outside of our group room so we can see them and remind ourselves of how far we have come in our art skills! 

    We are a;ao impressed with the home learners who joined us with this lesson. Children at home got to choose what media they wanted to draw their owl with. Some children used pencils while some chose to use chalk. We are very impressed with all of the children's attitude to art. What great artists we are all becoming! 

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  • Acute, Obtuse, Right- You Decide!

    Published 10/02/21, by Cressida Whitfield

    In Maths, we have been learning different types of angles. We have stretched ourselves into finding angles in shapes using geo boards. 

    The children at home have also been learning about different angles and have been using JamBoard to draw their angles and find different size angles. 

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  • Sweetie Maths? Yes Please!

    Published 03/02/21, by Cressida Whitfield

    As part of our bar graph unit, we asked children at home to get smarties or starburst to create their own bar graph. The children at school has starburst to complete a bar graph. 

    They had to collate the data and then create the X axis and the Y axis. They decided what scale to use and how to label the two lines of axis. 

    We are very proud of the level of presentation and determination shown by the children in school and at home. 

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  • Hello Bob!

    Published 29/01/21, by Cressida Whitfield

    For Science, we have been looking at skeletons and naming bones. We had a visitor in Year 3- Bob! He is Year 3's very own skeleton. Today, we learnt about the different types of skeletons; endoskeleton, exoskeleton and hydrostatic skeletons. We had to sort different animals into the correct type of skeleton. Did you know that jellyfish have no bones!? We also found that that tortoises have both endoskeletons and exoskeletons! 

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  • Sticks, Stones and Anicent Bones

    Published 21/01/21, by Cressida Whitfield

    For our Stone age topic, we have been learning about what the Stone Age people needed to survive. We found out that they needed tools to survive so they could hunt food to eat! Key Worker children and children at home completed an advert to try and sell their tools to a Stone Age man! 

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  • Making wire sculptures

    Published 02/12/20, by Cressida Whitfield

    In our Art we have been looking at using wire to create a fish using a template. We learnt why wire was a great medium to work with as it was so bendy and pliable. We had to bend the wire to the shape of the fish while fastening the two bits of wire together. We found it tricky to join them together. Have a look below at the outcomes! We all were so proud of ourselves!

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  • Are Tectonic Plates always this yummy?

    Published 20/11/20, by Cressida Whitfield

    For our Geography this week, we have been learning about tectonic plates. We learnt that there are three types of plates which cause different things. To completely immersive the children in their learning, we showed the tectonic plates movement using biscuits. The children could see this very clearly and were able to apply this to their work. All children were able to resist eating them!

    Maybe you could try this at home and eat them! Yummy Tectonic Plates!

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  • Year 3 Remembers...

    Published 19/11/20, by Cressida Whitfield

    On 11th November, Year 3 stood up and were silent at 11am for 2 minutes to remember the current fallen soldiers from all wars. We watched the live coverage from the Cenotaph from London. 

    We also got donuts delivered from Mrs Herbaut. In WW1, the ladies baked donuts for the soldiers to help their morale. The children loved learning about this and eating the donuts too! 

    We also learnt a lot about a boy called Jack Cornwell known as Jutland Jack. We were surprised to hear that he went to the Battle of Jutland at the age of 16! He also learnt that he unfortunately died. After his death, he was awarded the Victoria Cross for this courage. Year 3, then wrote a letter pretending to be Jack's Captain writing to his mother informing her that he had own a Victoria Cross.


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  • Making storms in Year 3!

    Published 02/11/20, by Cressida Whitfield

    In English, we are looking at the film called 'Blue Umbrella'. This tells a story of a blue umbrella who gets lost in a storm but is saved by a red umbrella. The story is set in New York while a thunderstorm is happening. 

    We used our bodypart and instruments to create a soundscape of the storm. We filmed it and showed the children the effect of it. Ask your child to teach you how to create one :)

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