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  • Did you all survive the Earthquake?

    Published 19/10/20, by Cressida Whitfield

    On Monday 19th October, Year 3 received a serious weather warning that an Earthquake was imminent! 

    We had a jam packed day full of disasters! We got told in the morning that there was an earthquake warning in the Roebuck area! We had to practice what to do it if we heard the earthquake alarm. This is what children who live in earthquake zones have to practise. We had to drop, cover and hold.

    After that, we had to evacuate the classroom and find a refugee camp. We showed each other our survival kit which contained anything we managed to grab before we were evacuated. Luckily, between us we had enough blankets, first aid kits, torches and food to last us a long time! We also were shown rations and a make shift stove which we would have to use to cook our dinner!

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  • Touch Typing in Year 3!

    Published 14/10/20, by Cressida Whitfield

    For our Computing learning, we are learning how to type fast and effectively. We did our second lesson on touch typing. We focused on using our left hand and found out what fingers press certain buttons. We had to concentrate and make sure we were using the right fingers for each key. Why don't you practice at home!?

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  • Our Castles!

    Published 07/10/20, by Cressida Whitfield

    We have finally finished making our castles! We are so proud of them as we worked really hard as a team and thought carefully about what colours to use. Our castles have got roofs made out of nets we constructed. They also feature a working drawbridge and especially made battlements.

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  • Castle Making!

    Published 23/09/20, by Cressida Whitfield

    After learning and constructing nets, we then made the towers and the turrets for our castle using cylinders. We then used card to make the curtain wall or façade. We had to measure and draw the battlements using a ruler and we stuck the façade onto the box.

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  • Watercolour Feathers

    Published 21/09/20, by Cressida Whitfield
    In Art, we are creating watercolour feathers using reds, oranges and yellows. We had to focus on using small lines to create the texture of the feathers. We practised on paper and then used special watercolour paper to do our final design on. We had
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  • Drama in Literacy

    Published 17/09/20, by Cressida Whitfield

    For our English learning, we are focusing on a whole school book called Journey. This is a wordless picture book and lots happens. We used our drama skills to sequence the events which happen in the book. We had to make sure we use strong voices and expression to convey what the character was feeling. We also had to improvise who was what  in each scene. 

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  • Falcon Workshop

    Published 16/09/20, by Cressida Whitfield

    Year 3 were visited by a Falconry Workshop today! They saw a range of different birds and asked great questions. Some children even got to stand next to the birds! We were so impressed with the behaviour shown by Pear and Cherry class- they were all impeccably well manner and showed their 3 R's throughout. 

    Do you know that some of these birds we were shown are used on the TV! 

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  • First Week Back :)

    Published 14/09/20, by Cressida Whitfield
    Welcome parents and children to Year 3! We have had such a great first week back welcoming you all to Year 3. We have seen some excellent behaviours and enthusiastic learning seen.  In Pear Class, we created underwater scenes using wax c
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  • Olympic Athlete Visit

    Published 17/03/20, by Cressida Whitfield

    On Thursday 12th March, Roebuck were visited by Lewis Daly, an Olympic athlete, who taught the children about being an athlete and what skills are involved. The children had a meet and great opportunity with Lewis and then completed some exciting PE skills. 

    A great thank you to all who sponsored. 

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    Published 07/03/20, by Janet Erne

    World Book Day Visit to North Hert's College 

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  • WOW start making rocks using Mod Roc

    Published 14/01/20, by Cressida Whitfield

    Year 3 had the chance to make their own rocks using Mod Roc. They had to use newspaper to make the shape and size of the rock. They then had to use strips of mod roc to coat the newspaper. When the whole rock was covered, they had to smooth out the holes to ensure it dried effectively. In the next weeks, we will be painting these. They will then be put on our class display. 

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  • Year 3 Fantastic Finish

    Published 14/10/19, by Cressida Whitfield

    On Thursday 4th October, Pear and Cherry had their first Fantastic Finish afternoon! We started off the afternoon with a presentation about Celtic Harmony. We showed everyone our pictures and spoke about what we did during our time there. After that, there were different activities laid out for parents to take part in. The favourite was cave paintings, where many of us preferred to lay on the floor and complete this way. Lastly, we sang 'We Will Rock You' with a Stone age twist to parents. 

    We would like to say how great the children's behaviours were. They all did Roebuck and themselves proud. 

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