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  • Olympic Athlete Visit

    Published 17/03/20, by Cressida Whitfield

    On Thursday 12th March, Roebuck were visited by Lewis Daly, an Olympic athlete, who taught the children about being an athlete and what skills are involved. The children had a meet and great opportunity with Lewis and then completed some exciting PE skills. 

    A great thank you to all who sponsored. 

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    Published 07/03/20, by Janet Erne

    World Book Day Visit to North Hert's College 

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  • WOW start making rocks using Mod Roc

    Published 14/01/20, by Cressida Whitfield

    Year 3 had the chance to make their own rocks using Mod Roc. They had to use newspaper to make the shape and size of the rock. They then had to use strips of mod roc to coat the newspaper. When the whole rock was covered, they had to smooth out the holes to ensure it dried effectively. In the next weeks, we will be painting these. They will then be put on our class display. 

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  • Year 3 Fantastic Finish

    Published 14/10/19, by Cressida Whitfield

    On Thursday 4th October, Pear and Cherry had their first Fantastic Finish afternoon! We started off the afternoon with a presentation about Celtic Harmony. We showed everyone our pictures and spoke about what we did during our time there. After that, there were different activities laid out for parents to take part in. The favourite was cave paintings, where many of us preferred to lay on the floor and complete this way. Lastly, we sang 'We Will Rock You' with a Stone age twist to parents. 

    We would like to say how great the children's behaviours were. They all did Roebuck and themselves proud. 

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  • Celtic Harmony Trip

    Published 20/09/19, by Cressida Whitfield

    As an exciting wow to our topic, we went to Celtic Harmony which is an Iron Age settlement. We were completely mesmerised and immersed in the hook. We had fun and we were learning at the same time. We can’t wait to keep learning about the Stone age because of our visit to the settlement. It was very helpful being able to visualise what life was actually like first hand.

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  • Welcome to Year 3!

    Published 17/09/19, by Cressida Whitfield

    Welcome to Year 3! We are so excited for another year to start and for the children to continue with their learning! We have lots of great things to look forward to in this term. We have our trip to Celtic Harmony and exciting English units to learn!

    Any questions please don't hesitate to contact us. 


    Miss Whitfield and Miss Williams

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  • Divide and Conquer!

    Published 22/05/19, by Cressida Whitfield

    In Maths, we have been starting to learn to use the formal method to divide. We used manipulatives to help us with our learning so that we were dividing practically by sharing. We used our cups to show our understanding. 

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  • Guess what we're doing in Art?

    Published 16/05/19, by Cressida Whitfield

    In Art, we have started our learning journey into creating something relating to our topic. Can you guess what we're making? 

    We have been sketching, designing and painting to create the first step into our Art journey.

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  • Ruthless Romans

    Published 07/05/19, by Cressida Whitfield

    We are very excited about our new topic on the Romans! 

    We have started learning about the Celts and this week we find our about Julius Caesar coming to Britannia!

    We are also pleased to say that we will be visited by a theatre company to perform a play about the Romans. The children will also take part in workshops. 

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  • Science Workshop

    Published 14/03/19, by Cressida Whitfield

    Pear and Cherry were completely engrossed in the Science experiments on Wednesday. We explored materials and their properties and learnt about solids, liquids and gases. We had four stations which had different experiments on. The first one was called Chromatography where we discovered the different colours used to make a felt tip pen. Our second station involved making a lava lamp. We used water, oil and salt to make this. We were amazed by this! Our third station involved us finding out which materials were the strongest. Our final challenge station involved blowing up a balloon without using our mouths. We used bicarbonate of soda and vinegar which created a gas when mixed! We had the best time and learnt a lot! 

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  • Take One Book- Escape From Pompeii

    Published 05/03/19, by Cressida Whitfield

    For our English topic, we have been reading 'Escape From Pompeii' by Christina Balit. This book is about two children who try to flee from Pompeii. This book has given us a fantastic opportunity to write descriptively and incorporated show not tell that we have been learning over the previous Fridays. It has also made us more engaged in our topic as this focuses on the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. We have written diaries and setting descriptions, This week, we are going to be re-telling the story of Traino and Livia and try to magpie the authors style of writing. We have been enjoying this book and cannot wait to show you what we have written. 

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  • Year 3 Composers

    Published 24/01/19, by Cressida Whitfield

    Pear and Cherry class were very lucky to have the opportunity to compose their own song this week. We created lyrics and we had our very own songwriter who performed her own composition as well as helping us write our song.  It was fantastic learning and more importantly, we all had fun!

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