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We're a bit of a know-it-owl in Art!

In Art, we have been looking at prehistoric art. We have been building on our existing drawing skills from previous units and have applied these in our drawings. We drew 2 different owls- one in pencil and one in charcoal. The first drawing we did was our initial sketch which saw us examining the image we were drawing from- looking at the 2D shapes we got from it. We know that everything is made from 2D shapes and when you focus on those when drawing, it is a lot easier! 

We then moved on to our second drawing of our owl. This time we had to scale up our drawing onto large paper. We also used charcoal which is burnt wood. This can create lots of great effects- especially the smudging technique. We focused on using different tones in our drawings to make them 'come alive'. 

We then displayed all of our owls outside of our group room so we can see them and remind ourselves of how far we have come in our art skills! 

We are a;ao impressed with the home learners who joined us with this lesson. Children at home got to choose what media they wanted to draw their owl with. Some children used pencils while some chose to use chalk. We are very impressed with all of the children's attitude to art. What great artists we are all becoming!