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Are There Wolves in Your Walls?

In science, we have begun our learning about light and shadow. Can you ask your child, “What is a source of light?” 

In English, we have been reading ‘Wolves in The Walls’ by Neil Gaiman. Today, as part of our experience lesson we took on the role of one of the characters to empathise with her fear. We made the classroom dark, played spooky sounds and pretended to be in bed which helped us collect lots of ideas and vocabulary for describing fear. Can you ask your child, “Use show not tell to describe how they feel?”  

In maths, we have continued our work on telling the time. We have been telling the time to the nearest minute and recording this as analogue and digital times. Can you ask your child, “What time is it?” 

In history, we have introduced Henry V111 and started learning about his six wives. Can you ask your child, “What were they called? Can you tell me a fact about each of them?” 

Well done for an amazing first week! 

Mrs Norman and Miss Whitfield  

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