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Wormy Spaghetti

In science, we explored shadows. We discussed what they are and how they are formed before using our findings to create our own outside. Can you ask your child, “Can you explain where a shadow would form and why?” 

In English, we finished writing the narrative called ‘The Happy Prince’, by Oscar Wilde. Within this, we wrote a diary entry from The Little Match Girl using adverbials of time and expanded noun phrases. Additionally, we got to experience how Mr Twit felt when Mrs Norman and Miss Whitfield decided to ‘consume’ spaghetti that was wriggling with real worms. We are looking forward to answering lots of questions about the text ‘Wormy Spaghetti’ in our guided reading. Can you ask your child, “What features do diary entries have? What is a relative clause?”  

In maths, we have been understanding what perpendicular and parallel lines are and have been searching for them around school.  Can you ask your child, “What perpendicular and parallel lines can you see and how do you know?” 

In DT, we continued to practise our sewing techniques by sewing our felt animal onto our cushion covers. We are looking forward to finishing these next week! 

Well done for working super hard– keep it up! 

Mrs Norman and Miss Whitfield  

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