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  • Roebuck's Burning!

    Published 26/02/20, by Shaun Downie

    Year 2 had a great time trying to put out some fires this week to start their topic 'We're on Fire!'

    They had to work as a team to put out various fires in the playground by passing buckets along a line of people. This was harder than anticipated as it was tricky keeping the water in the bucket and off people's shoes!

    What made it especially tricky (particularly in Birch Class) was a torrential downpour midway through the session. We tried our best to complete the challenge without getting totally drenched.

    The children showed great enthusiasm and determination despite the tricky weather conditions.

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  • Fencing Fanatics!

    Published 17/09/19, by Shaun Downie

    Year 2 had a thrilling morning last week learning how to be Knights!

    The children began the morning working on how to move in fencing as well as basic attack and defence movements. The children were then given specialist fencing 'foils' to compete in 'assaults' against their opponents.

    In addition to learning the main rules of fencing, the children were exposed to a wealth of new language such as 'En-Garde', 'Allez' and 'Hilt'. This will hopefully aid the children in their upcoming writing journey. 

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  • Fantastic finish

    Published 25/06/19, by Clare Elson

    Year 2 had a very exciting fantastic finish linked to our topic Fire Fire. Birch class performed a song and Pine class performed a short play showing how the plague was spread. All children participated in different activities such as sewing, making salt dough bread, decorating vehicles, burying cheese and wine pictures in sand trays, making and writing diaries and rebuilding London with bricks. Sensory circuits were also being used. We finished by Pine and Birch competing to see which class could pass a bucket of water the quickest to put out the fire. Well done Birch who did it in the quickest time. Thank you so much to all the parents and families who were able to attend and who participated fully in all activities.

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  • Arts week

    Published 20/05/19, by Clare Elson

    Year 2 explored the school grounds today looking for bugs and insects. This will be a stimulus for developing drawing skills this week. We looked at Austin's butterfly and talked about our mindset. With helpful feedback from a friend we improved our drawing skills.

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  • Postcards from Africa

    Published 14/03/19, by Clare Elson

    Year 2 Pine class have designed postcards from Africa. In literacy we are reading the story 'That rabbit belongs to Emily Brown' by Cressida Cowell and Neal Layton. The Queen wants Emily's rabbit called Stanley but Emily wants to keep him.  Emily and Stanley then visit Africa in Year 2's version of the story. Look at our carefully created designs in computing.  These postcards will be on display in the classroom and we will be writing our postcards tomorrow.

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  • Which books do you like to read?

    Published 12/03/19, by Clare Elson

    We have been sharing and comparing books by the same author. This week we have heard stories by Julia Donaldson. We have also found some stories to support our topic learning about Africa.

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  • Teddy day in Year 2

    Published 06/03/19, by Clare Elson

    Year 2 have been learning how to improve their writing by adding more description. We have created a bank of noun phrases and used to improve our sentences. In class we have also been learning about using when, if, that or because to help us to write longer sentences. Mrs Elson brought in Rosie Rabbit her toy she has had since she was little to visit the class.

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  • Music Day

    Published 12/02/19, by Clare Elson

    Roebuck Academy has had its third Music day. Many thanks to all involved for organising this fun learning experience. Thank you to the Music Service for all their help and excellent teaching. Year 2 had the opportunity to compose their song and sang it in the sharing assembly at the end of the day.

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  • Keeping Healthy

    Published 12/02/19, by Clare Elson

    Stevenage Borough council has led a series of lessons for Year 2 showing us to how to stay healthy. The project ended in a parent session and the children had the opportunity to share their learning. Many thanks to all involved in organising. Year 2 have learnt a lot about how to have an active and healthy life style.

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  • Year 2 are loving Maths.

    Published 28/01/19, by Clare Elson

    Year 2 have been learning to use manipulatives to make three digit numbers. We have been counting on and back wards in ones, tens and hundreds. This week we are continuing to compare numbers to find out which number is greater or smaller. In 5 a day we have been adding hundreds to tens and to ones.

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  • Red Ribbons

    Published 19/11/18, by Clare Elson

    Pine Class have had a really busy week finding out about the war. We have been remembering people who fought in the war by tying red ribbons on trees in creature corner. We have also made poppies and writing  postcards in the role of a child from the war, who is  missing their dad and helping their mum at home with a variety of jobs.

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  • Trash or Treasure

    Published 02/10/18, by Clare Elson

    Year 2 have had a wonderful time learning how to turn trash into treasure. Today Sue and Alex visited us from Frogmore Papermill. We discussed how paper is made then had the opportunity to make paper. Pine were so inspired we returned to our classroom to make paper sculptures.

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