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  • Year 2 post

    Published 16/01/22, by Andy Mari

    Year 2 has felt a really exciting place since we have come back from the Christmas break. We have a new topic, ‘Lets go to China’ and the children have been so engaged with all that they have been learning so far. Year 2 have been busy researching where China is, some of the key landmarks and starting to look at some cultural aspects of the country.

    In Literacy we are looking at a book that is also linked to China and we can’t wait to read the children’s stories when they write theirs up next week. We started our unit by drawing Chinese numbers in some sand.

    In Maths, we have started a new Unit on Multiplication and Division and the children have been working really hard recognising the differences and strategies used to be able to work these problems out.

    In Science our new topic is ‘Growing Up’. In the coming weeks we will be investigating how and what changes are made to our bodies from being a baby, until we grow up into adults.

    We have also been busy learning how to complete and running stitch in our Design and Technology lessons. We will be making Chinese money pouches using our new skills that we have learnt.

    Elsewhere, we have started looking at our Dreams and Goals and how we can start to achieve these in PSHE. We have been developing skills in PE in Gymnastics and in Computing we have started looking at different Questioning strategies that can be used.

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  • Year 2 Christmas Journey

    Published 06/12/21, by Andy Mari

    Christmas has arrived in Year 2! We have begun our new story Meerkat Christmas and are following Sunny on his journey around the world in search of the perfect Christmas! We have been learning about the birth of Jesus in RE and were lucky enough to be invited to St Peters Church where we met the characters from the Christmas story. Reverend Kate took us on a journey around the church to meet the Shepherds, the Three Wise Men, Mary and Joseph and Baby Jesus himself!


    In science this term we have been exploring habitats, understanding food chains and learning about life cycles. We went on a scientific expedition to Creature Corner where we explored the different habitats looking for insects, plants and creatures. We found many micro habitats and learnt how they all work together to keep each other alive. Next, we are hoping to grow our own plants and discover how they change as they grow! 

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  • Self portraits in Year 2

    Published 21/11/21, by Andy Mari

    Another exciting week in year 2 filled with art, computing, stories and remembering.

    In art we have been learning about the work of British Artist Julian Opie. We have created our own self portraits based on his work and we are so proud of how they turned out!

    In computing we have been learning about spreadsheets. We have learnt the terms “cell” “column” and “row” and we now know how to highlight these, select them and input pictures, clip art and our own drawings. This week we made our own shop, using the addition tool to help us add up prices!

    We also contributed to the whole school art installation, our helmets had poppies on them and we collaged them using various different textured paper.

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  • This week in Year 2

    Published 05/11/21, by Andy Mari

    Our first week back after half term has been another action-packed week in Year 2! We have continued to add and subtract numbers up to 1000 in Maths, this week with regrouping our ones and tens in additions.

    We have started our new topic in Literacy, we have looked at our new book called ‘Winter Sleep’ in where we are researching hibernating animals. To enhance our learning, we had a special visitor on Wednesday morning. ‘Safari Stu’ came in to see us and bought some of his amazing animals with him. We were lucky enough to learn about some animals that hibernate and others that don’t and some of the reasons why. Some of us were even brave enough to hold, chameleons, giant cockroaches, stick insects from Papua New Guinea, lizards, a tortoise, a tenrec, some snakes and a tarantula!!!

    In Geography we have started to look at Antarctica and the conditions that exist there. We have also started a new Art topic in where we made letters of the alphabet using our bodies to create the shapes! It’s fair to say it's been an exciting week back in Year 2!

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  • Bread making in Year 2

    Published 10/10/21, by Andy Mari

    The Great Fire of London started in Thomas Farringdon's bakers shop, so what better way to begin our topic than by learning how to make bread. We spent the week writing up our ingredients, equipment lists and the method, so we were ready to be chefs. We weighed our flour, mixed in our water and watched as the yeast expanded the dough. The smell of warm delicious bread wafted through the classrooms ready to be eaten that evening -they were scrumptious!

    In Design and Technology we have been creating a chair for Samuel Pepys; he wrote a diary about the Great Fire of London, so he did a lot of sitting! We have been using paper to test different shapes and structures to see which idea will be the strongest. This week we placed lots of paper tubes together like a honeycomb to see if together they would be stronger than one tube. Not only were we right, but it was so strong we could stand on it!

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  • ‘The owl who was afraid of the dark2

    Published 25/09/21, by Andy Mari

    We have been reading the story ‘The owl who was afraid of the dark’ and writing our own version of the story in literacy. During the book, Plop the owl meets a young boy who takes him to a campfire. So that we could immerse ourselves in the experience, we went down to creature corner and had a campfire! We watched as the dancing flames grew taller, while warming our hands from the heat of the fire. We roasted marshmallows and sang songs till eventually the flames disappeared. We came back to class and created lots of vocabulary about our experience.

    To help us in our writing we were lucky enough to have the birds of prey workshop come into school. We learnt about different types of owls - did you know not all owls are nocturnal!  Some of us were brave enough to hold the birds on our arms - it was a real hoot!

    In science we are designing our own catapult, but first we need to test and decide which materials to use. This week we have been testing different materials to see what properties they have - rigid, squishy, stretchy, bendy and twisty. We decided that if we made a skipping rope, we could use a bendy pipe, but it would be easier to use a more flexible rope!

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  • Welcome back Pine and Birch classes.

    Published 10/09/21, by Andy Mari

    What a wonderful first week back to Year 2!

    It has been a pleasure getting to know all of the children and we are looking forward to the academic year ahead.

    In Design Technology we have been testing stability - making shapes from playdough and testing them on a tilt.  The higher the gradient, the more stable the shape.

    In History we have been comparing old and new, and thinking about what life would have been like in London in 1666.

    We have been exchanging money in maths and used the giant coins and notes to help us.

    In computing we learnt how to complete a safe search on purple mash!

    What a busy week, we feel very tired but have completed so much learning already.  Well done Pine and Birch Classes!

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  • Creativity in Year 2

    Published 18/07/21, by Andy Mari

    What a creative and action packed few weeks in Year 2.

    We will start off by congratulating Kayden on his Headteachers Award!  We are so proud of you Kayden.

    In Year 2, we have been learning how to sew.  We began by using a template and cutting our fabric to size, we then had to secure our pieces of fabric using a running stitch.  Our final product was a small pouch to store our treasures!

    We are fully immersed in Maps and Geography this week and absolutely loved our campfire experience with marshmallows and hot chocolate.  We have used an atlas and maps to plan a route and to find different place across the UK.  We have also conducted a science experiment to show the importance of handwashing using pepper and washing up liquid!

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  • Year 2 this week

    Published 13/06/21, by Andy Mari

    We have loved the sunshine this week in year 2 - it has been a great opportunity to do some outdoor learning. In maths, we have started a new topic on “volume and capacity” and kicked off our topic with a mini experiment. We wanted to see if the volume of water changed if it was poured into different containers. We found out that the volume of water doesn’t change, but it may LOOK like there’s more or less depending on the size and shape of the new container.  Getting practical and a bit wet was a great way to start our new topic!

    In computing we are coding, and this week we have been giving mini aeroplanes instructions to take off safely on a run way!  We had to create an algorithm on purple mash.

    In Literacy we are ready a story called “The Crow’s Tale” - we can’t wait to write a new ending to the story.

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  • Den building, animal holding, time telling!

    Published 20/05/21, by Andy Mari

    Another busy few weeks in Year 2.

    We were extremely lucky to have a visit from Safari Stu, who showed us a huge range of different animals.  We saw a tarantula, snakes and a chameleon.  Some of us were really brave and held the animals too!  We got some fantastic writing out of the children after this event, we created a recount using time connectives.

    This week we have been building dens as part of our new instruction unit.  Using tarpaulin, large pegs, string and sticks, we had to build a den that our group could sit in.  We could then decorate it with stones, twigs and flowers.  We really had to work as a team, listen to each other and be prepared to try out different ideas.

    In maths, we have begun a new topic of time, so far we have looked at analogue clock faces and learnt about 5 minute intervals of time.

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  • Year 2 is growing!

    Published 24/03/21, by Andy Mari
    We have been planting, digging, observing, predicting and evaluating in Year Two. We have planted various bulbs and seeds and have been observing them carefully over the past few weeks. We have been lucky enough to see germination take place with our beans, by observing them in “window bags” - the roots and shoots are so clear and visible. It has been amazing to see this process happening in our classroom!
    We enjoyed making our paper insects and thought of different ways to join paper - we weren’t allowed to use glue or cello tape - so we had to be really creative!
    We ended the week with our superhero red nose day by dressing up as our favourite superheroes!
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  • Devices down day- Year 2

    Published 08/02/21, by Andy Mari

    We loved our devices down day in Year 2.  We made gingerbread, play dough and painted portraits.  Our gingerbread tasted amazing and we decorated it with melted chocolate.  We used our play dough to create Chinese symbols and letters

    Our Portraits are for a whole school project, and we based our work on the artist of Paul Klee by mixing tints.  Our portraits were abstract.

    In Science we have been discovering habitats down in creature corner!

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