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Castles and Knights!

Over the last week or so Year 2 have had a very exciting week! As our literacy topic is all about Knights, Royals and Castles, we had a fencing lesson with Mr Moran in PE. We were taught how to defend ourselves, as well some of the terminology used when fencing.

We have been busy writing about Rapunzel; describing what makes good and bad characters in fairy tales. We have compared two books about Rapunzel and recognised the differences in the text, as well as writing in 1st person.

In Maths we have been busy regrouping numbers through addition using resources to support our learning. We will soon be looking at regrouping through taking away.

In Science we have again been experimenting with different materials and their properties, using specific scientific language in our work.

We have started to look at the importance and role of the Monarch. Discovering the history of the British Empire and just how far they travelled.

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