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Year 2 this week

We have loved the sunshine this week in year 2 - it has been a great opportunity to do some outdoor learning. In maths, we have started a new topic on “volume and capacity” and kicked off our topic with a mini experiment. We wanted to see if the volume of water changed if it was poured into different containers. We found out that the volume of water doesn’t change, but it may LOOK like there’s more or less depending on the size and shape of the new container.  Getting practical and a bit wet was a great way to start our new topic!

In computing we are coding, and this week we have been giving mini aeroplanes instructions to take off safely on a run way!  We had to create an algorithm on purple mash.

In Literacy we are ready a story called “The Crow’s Tale” - we can’t wait to write a new ending to the story.

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