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  • Life of a child in Ancient Greece

    Published 10/10/21, by Andy Mari

    Year 4 have been delving into history this week and learning about the Ancient Greeks. We started off the topic by finding out about where the Ancient Greeks lived and used the Chrome books to complete our own research. Our learning moved on and we found out about the gods that the Ancient Greeks believed in. Using this information, we made top trump cards and we are looking forward to playing the game later in the week. Next, we found out everyday life. It was interesting to compare their toys, pets, food, homes, clothing and games with our lives today. We found some similarities and lots of differences. Some interesting facts were that children went to bed with snakes, and they ate locusts and black soup which had pig's blood in it! We also enjoyed finding out about the life of a Spartan solider which was very tough. We can’t wait for our Greek day to find out even more about this interesting time.

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  • A hoot of a day!

    Published 25/09/21, by Andy Mari

    What a hooting good day! Year Four had the chance to get up close and personal with a wide variety of birds. The children enjoyed their morning and saw different types of owls, a kingfisher and even a blue winged kookaburra. Their visit involved an exciting talk about anatomy of birds, diet, adaptation and how the birds have evolved over time. To make their visit even more special, the children were visited by a furry four-legged friend at the end. 

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  • Float in Year 4!

    Published 10/09/21, by Andy Mari

    Year Four have immersed themselves into their new literacy unit 'Float' this week. We began the week by experiencing our characters emotions first-hand by taking part in an origami paper boat building session. The children had a chance to reflect on their emotions and how they changed throughout the process, these emotions included: frustration, relief, pride and much more. Just like our superhero of the week, we tried again and learnt from our mistakes.


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  • Geography week in Year 4

    Published 18/07/21, by Andy Mari

    Year 4 have had a fantastic week this week. We kicked off with a camouflage day to immerse ourselves in all things Geography. Our focus for our afternoon work was the water cycle and we created weather plates to show the repeated, continuous cycle. If that wasn't already great fun, we had an afternoon camp out on the field where we cosied up with hot chocolates, marshmallows around the campfire and blissful reading time in tents.

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  • Structures in Year 4

    Published 13/06/21, by Andy Mari

    Year 4 have started the week with our DT unit all about structures. We  began by looking at a range of pavilions and discussed their purpose, including exploring the Milan expo! We then used tooth picks and sweets to explore temporary frame structure. We were tasked with making a frame structure which was both strong and stable. Through our exploration we learnt that triangles were very strong shapes and helped to make a stable structure. We also learnt that the taller the structure the more unstable it can become! Having learnt these valuable lessons we moved onto designing our own pavilions for a class expo all about our new topic peculiar plants.

    Please see other pictures below

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  • Art Attack!

    Published 18/05/21, by Andy Mari

    Year Four have been letting their creative juices flow over the past week and delving into their unit of art work. To begin, we studied lenticular optical illusions inspired by Luz Perez Ojeda and create our own. We noticed that depending on what perspective we looked at the optical illusion, a different image could be seen. Next, we designed and drafted ideas for a willow pattern plate which involved careful hand movements and delicate brush strokes. It was very hard not to cover our hands in blue ink but luckily, no smurf hands here! Moving on, we then took part in an observational drawing of everyday items for our still life lesson, this was inspired on multi-medium pieces by Giorgio Morandi. It was clear to us that using a HB pencil and 2B pencil created very different effects for our shading and sketching.

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  • Year 4 spreadsheets work

    Published 14/04/21, by Andy Mari

    To kick start the Summer Term, Year Four have dived into the world of technology and begun their spreadsheets computing unit. The children have been responsible for use their own ICT equipment from the comfort of their desks and creating percentages, using formulas, generating line graphs and even some budgeting. The children have shown great resilience and have put their lockdown knowledge of using technology to fantastic use. 

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  • Y4 in Science week

    Published 23/03/21, by Andy Mari

    To celebrate Science Week, Year Four participated in a STEM science competition to make their own insect using only four pieces of paper, scissors and a pencil! With only one hour on the clock to practice folding paper in different ways, the pressure was on for this wonderful cohort, but we used our growth mindset to stretch and challenge ourselves! The outcomes were weird and wonderful, unique and creative. What do you think of our interesting insects or do they make your skin crawl?

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  • Art in Year 4

    Published 07/03/21, by Andy Mari

    For Art this week, the children put their thinking caps on and stepped into the artwork of famous artist ‘Paula Rego’. The children discussed a particular piece called ‘The Dance’. Both at home and at school, the children worked collaboratively to put a story together to describe the piece, making it unique and individual

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  • Year 4 get active!

    Published 27/02/21, by Andy Mari

    The Year Four cohort kept themselves busy over the half term break, making sure they took a break from the screen and gained some fresh air! The children took part in fitness challenges, trying to reach 100 of a chosen activity. The activities ranged from roller skating to bouncing - hand standing to throwing and catching! 

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  • Year 4 Devide down day

    Published 10/02/21, by Andy Mari

    For Device Down Day, the children got into the school ethos at home by creating their own letters using items from around the classroom and house to create letters for the school values. On Device Down, we also focused on doing good deeds for members of our family and wrote letters of gratitude to NHS workers.

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  • Home learning experts!

    Published 30/01/21, by Andy Mari

    The Year Four cohort have been busy at home this week getting stuck into all things google classroom. We are jamboard experts, pioneers at using google word documents and have been quiz masters. Here are some examples of a few of the many pieces of work that have been submitted online this week. We have even begun to collaboratively work on a single document, contributing ideas in live time alongside our peers virtually.

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