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  • Year 4 Devide down day

    Published 10/02/21, by Andy Mari

    For Device Down Day, the children got into the school ethos at home by creating their own letters using items from around the classroom and house to create letters for the school values. On Device Down, we also focused on doing good deeds for members of our family and wrote letters of gratitude to NHS workers.

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  • Home learning experts!

    Published 30/01/21, by Andy Mari

    The Year Four cohort have been busy at home this week getting stuck into all things google classroom. We are jamboard experts, pioneers at using google word documents and have been quiz masters. Here are some examples of a few of the many pieces of work that have been submitted online this week. We have even begun to collaboratively work on a single document, contributing ideas in live time alongside our peers virtually.

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  • Sound in Year 4

    Published 18/01/21, by Andy Mari

    In Science we have been learning about sound. On Friday, the children were learning how sounds travel. We began by completing some scratch tests to reveal which materials sound could travel through easiest. Then, we moved onto to making a string telephone. One child held the cup up to their ear while their partner placed the cup over their mouth and spoke into it. Through trial and error, we found the vibrations were able to travel through the string when it was pulled taught but not when the string was slack. Even the children who are learning at home had a go at making one too, testing it with their adults and discussing alongside the class during the live lesson what went well. Why don't you have a go too?

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  • Art in Year 4

    Published 05/12/20, by Andy Mari

    Throughout art this half term Year 4 have been learning about the formal elements of art. We began by experimenting with charcoal and used this to represent words or phrases in an abstract way. Then we moved onto printing. We explored using playdough to imprint different textures and patterns before making a print from this. This week we drew around geometric shapes onto polystyrene foam to make our own stamps - which we then used to create repeated patterns and explored symmetry. We particularly loved these lessons because we could get messy with the printing ink! 

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  • Odd socks day!

    Published 20/11/20, by Andy Mari

    Cedar Class looked colourful and bright on a gloomy Monday morning this week to commemorate Odd Socks Day for anti-bullying week. The children explored the themes of being unique, self-expression and standing out from the crowd. It was great to see the children participating in such a wonderful themed day and the discussions that we had in class were insightful and empathetic!

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  • Children in need

    Published 19/11/20, by Andy Mari

    Spotty children on the loose! The children of Rowan Class dressed up on Friday 13th November to celebrate the nations charitable Children in Need day. Looking yellow, colourful and somewhat spotty, the children took part in the final 20 minutes of the Joe Wickes 24-hour workout challenge as well as raising money for those in need across the nation. Well done!

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  • Music to our ears!

    Published 07/11/20, by Andy Mari

    Year Four were lucky enough to be visited by ‘The Magnard Ensemble’ this week for a musical performance like no other. As it’s not possible to visit anywhere with current circumstances, the chamber music was brought to us. The children had the chance to listen to a range of different pieces played through wind instruments including the famous Harry Potter soundtrack and the Wallace and Gromit theme tune. The instruments included: a flute, oboe, clarinet, horn. piccolo and bassoon. Members of the ensemble demonstrated to children what their instruments could do, ranging from a high pitch to a low pitch using keys and their lungs! 

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  • Year 4 Experience day

    Published 20/10/20, by Andy Mari

    Did someone say bring a blanket? Year Four undertook the cosiest experience day yet to inspire their independent literacy writing. Having finally reached the penultimate stages of our class literacy text 'Float', the children had the chance to step into the character's shoes and empathise with feeling warm and snug after coming inside from a cold, soggy day. Each child got to sip on delicious hot chocolate and marshmallows as well as snuggle up with their favourite blanket from home, all whilst sitting in front a fireplace (virtual of course).

    Feel free to click on the photos attached below.


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  • Visit from Zoolab

    Published 20/10/20, by Andy Mari
    Take a walk on the wild side with Year Four who were visiting by 'Zoolab' last week. This workshop was designed to immerse the children in our new science topic 'Animals Including Humans' and learn more about how to classify animals. The children were visited by some creepy creatures including a giant African land snail, a snake, a tarantula, frog and even a cockroach! The children had the opportunity to get hands on with the animals and experience them up close and personal. We learnt about different groups of animals including molluscs, reptiles, insects and amphibians and several amazing facts - Did you know cockroaches have 2 brains? Did you know frogs use their eyes to swallow? Lots of great vocabulary was learnt by the children too - ask your child what an exoskeleton is or what is meant by vertebrate and invertebrate. 
    "This is one of the best workshops we have ever had" - Isabella Schwarz
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  • Slingshot cars constructed!

    Published 05/10/20, by Andy Mari

    The children in Cedar and Rowan class have been very busy this week finishing their slingshot cars in DT. The children had to follow their designs and create both side panels for their vehicle and the roof. Each panel needed tabs attached to it to enable them to attach this to their previously made chassis.  When designing their cars, children had to consider the design brief and ensure their car was aerodynamic, considering the shape of their vehicle to achieve this. Children added graphics to their car to make their car stand out. Once all their panels were ready, children used the glue gun and premade tabs on their panels to attach these to their chassis. I think you will all agree that they have done amazingly well, we look forward to testing out our slingshot cars next week and racing them to see who has made the most aerodynamic car!

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  • Slingshot cars

    Published 21/09/20, by Andy Mari

    The children in Year 4 enjoyed a DT morning on Friday, beginning a project all about cars! They discussed the history of cars and how cars have changed over time. They then spent the morning making their chassis for a slingshot car. This required the children to build the framework, attach their axles and wheels and create the mechanism for the slingshot. The children also got the opportunity to use the glue gun to attach their slingshot mechanism to their chassis. Next week, the children will design and make a suitable car body shape which limits air resistance so their car can travel the furthest. They will then have the chance to test out their cars and challenge their classmates to see whose car meet the design brief the best!

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  • Welcome back Year 4!

    Published 10/09/20, by Andy Mari

    Year 4 have returned to school this week and started each day to get their hands and minds busy! The different activities included tricky tweezers, peculiar potions, flippin' coins, careful cutting and lace for your life. The activities set us up to work hard and stretch our hands for the day, ready to write and ready to learn.

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