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  • Raving about Reading!

    Published 08/05/17, by Shaun Downie

    The children have made a fast start to May, getting stuck into their learning and making a real effort to succeed.

    It has been pleasing to visit Oak Class on a Friday afternoon to complete some paired reading. Each child has partnered up with a younger child to read with. They listen to each other read and encourage each other so well. I am delighted when I walk around and hear all the lovely comments the children are making to their reading buddies, and I believe they are making a real difference.

    There is a real collaborative feel to Year Four at the moment. Long may it continue!

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  • Speed Stack Success!

    Published 13/03/17, by Shaun Downie

    The Year 4 class had a wonderful time last week at the Speed Stack festival. We had to stack cups in a 3,3,3 formation first, before completing the 3,6,3 formation in the second event.

    The fastest four boys and fastest four girls then competed in a relay event. A big well done to everyone who took part: we came fifth out of ten schools which was a brilliant effort!

    Also, a big well done to George as he was the fastest boy in our heat! He's showing off his medal in the picture above!

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  • Active January!

    Published 01/02/17, by Shaun Downie

    Well, Year 4 have certainly been busy so far this term!

    We took part in the 'Mini Olympics' event hosted by the Stevenage Sporting Futures team, which was a lot of fun. Even the adults got involved...I believe there is an image of me skipping somewhere...but the children had a great time and were impeccably behaved throughout the event.

    Earlier this week,l we had an exciting visit to the Football Stadium for 'Technology Day'. They children got a tour around the football ground and even got to sit in the directors office! Many thanks to the wonderful staff members at the football club for having us for the morning.

    As the half term break is approaching, I am reminding the children to keep pushing for excellence, remembering that the 'Learning Pit' is a chance to learn new things and better ourselves!

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  • A great term!

    Published 15/12/16, by Shaun Downie

    This is a great chance to reflect on what has been a thoroughly successful term!

    The children have been learning how to blog safely and collaboratively this month, exploring how to message each other safely. They have also been planning stories based on the famous 'Wolves in the Walls' story by Neil Gaiman. I look forward to seeing them write their stories tomorrow.

    In terms of the reading challenge, it has been brilliant to see the reading percentage increase week by week. A huge well done to the children who are regularly reading at least 4 times a week. However, we are still pushing to get the whole class reading percentage to above 90% consistently so please help to encourage your children to read at home.

    Have a great Christmas holidays and I look forward to the new term!

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  • A Greek Mystery solved!

    Published 11/11/16, by Shaun Downie

    The class produced a wonderful event for the fantastic finish this week. This incuded a recreation of the famous 'Theseus and the Minotaur' Greek Myth. The children certainly enjoyed seeing the monstrous beast slayed for the final time!

    We also shared some of our shape learning that we had been covering in class, including angles, triangles and quadrilaterals.

    The performance finished with a rousing rendition of our Beatboxing song that we had learnt during this term.

    I'd like to thank the many adults who attended the event and hope you gained an insight into the learning experiences of the class.

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  • Revelling in the Reading Rave!

    Published 20/10/16, by e4 education
    What a fantastic start to the year. Shown in the image is the marvellous Reading area that the children are immensely proud of and cherish their time in there. We want to be the best readers we can, and this is a small step to achieving thi
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  • Buzzing to be back!

    Published 14/09/16, by Shaun Downie

    The children are back for a packed and hopefully enjoyable term at Roebuck! They have been involved in a 'Boot Camp' for the last two weeks, practicing skills already learnt and extending their horizons in preparation for the year ahead.

    They have been working extremely hard in all lessons so far this term whilst also trying hard to get back into regular school routines.

    In the image above, the children were busily planning notes and ideas for their first 'Big Write' task of Year 4. I am excited to see how much descriptive writing they have managed to include!

    Please continue to encourage your children to read regularly at home. Our extensive work on comprehension skills will be further developed with regular practice outside of school.

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  • The Year 4 journey ends...

    Published 22/07/16, by Shaun Downie

    Well, what a fantastic year it has been! We have had many highlights to celebrate over the year, and we hope the children move on to create many more highlights in Year 5.

    I hope you have had a chance to read the reports and feedback on them; they show a very good insight into how well the children have done this year. I have been amazed at the work we have achieved and the standards we have set. Their next challenge is to beat them!

    Have a great summer Year 4! It has been a pleasure working with you.

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  • Jubilant June!

    Published 30/06/16, by Shaun Downie

    The children have been working extremely hard in Year 4, and I am sure they are pleased their assessments are all done and dusted!

    The 'Fantastic Finish' was a massive success; it was well attended by adults and the children thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to show off their work. I want to thank everybody who attended the event as it helped to make a fantastic environment that the children thrived upon.

    The children are nearing the end of Year 4 and they are a mixture of nerves and excitement as they begin thinking about their next chapter of learning. I hope they continue to work hard and achieve their maximum potential.

    Remember: They can't do it YET but they will in the end!

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  • Growing and Learning

    Published 24/05/16, by Shaun Downie

    ''What is a Growth Mindset?'' I asked the children at 3pm on a sunny Tuesday afternoon. Simple question... range of possible answers. And what a range we got!

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  • Time To Shine!

    Published 29/04/16, by e4 education
    It has been a very positive first couple of weeks back for the children, who have settled into learning well and have been eager to get started with our new topic. We have solved the first tricky step…we now know where Greece is! After loca
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