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Life of a child in Ancient Greece

Year 4 have been delving into history this week and learning about the Ancient Greeks. We started off the topic by finding out about where the Ancient Greeks lived and used the Chrome books to complete our own research. Our learning moved on and we found out about the gods that the Ancient Greeks believed in. Using this information, we made top trump cards and we are looking forward to playing the game later in the week. Next, we found out everyday life. It was interesting to compare their toys, pets, food, homes, clothing and games with our lives today. We found some similarities and lots of differences. Some interesting facts were that children went to bed with snakes, and they ate locusts and black soup which had pig's blood in it! We also enjoyed finding out about the life of a Spartan solider which was very tough. We can’t wait for our Greek day to find out even more about this interesting time.

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