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Egyptians in Year 4.

Year 4 have thoroughly enjoyed learning about the Ancient Egyptians and we ended our topic in style with a special workshop. This began with us stepping back in time to Ancient Thebes where we learnt that a boy king had taken the throne after a time of turmoil and was bringing back the old ways and restoring ma’at (order). We really enjoyed participating in the story of Tutankhamun’s reign through a combination of practical making activities, drama and role-play. Our morning focussed on making and role play. While working, we were also tasked with spreading news and asking questions to learn more about Ancient Egypt and the reign of Tutankhamun. For the afternoon we recreated the festival of Wepet-Renpet: The Opening of the Year. We practised and then performed The Lamentations of Isis and Nephthys, The Tale of Osiris or The Dance of the Wax Crocodile.  We had a wonderful day immersing ourselves in this eventful time in history. 

 We have also been challenged to use our history learning in Literacy and all planned and wrote our own playscripts with links to the Ancient Egyptians. We really enjoyed writing and bringing the playscripts to life and many of us managed to infuse them with a sense of humour which made our friends and teachers chuckle!

 In Art we have planned some fabulous Ancient Egyptian final designs and we are excited about creating our very own papyrus style paper to create these final designs on.

 In French we have been practising and mastering vocabulary for describing the family and can now add this to a conversation where we introduce ourselves and ask and tell someone about who is in our family. We are Linguists!

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