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Science in Year 4

It has been a busy week in Year 4. In Science, we started investigating how drinks affect our teeth. We placed egg shell, which we used to represent teeth, in five different liquids: coffee, tea, cola, orange squash and water. We were shocked by the results! The squash started to eat away at the egg shell straight away! We found out that the squash caused the most damage to the 'teeth' as the outer shell was eaten away and it became squidgy. The coffee stained the 'teeth' the most although the cola and tea also stained the shell. We looked at the ingredients in the squash and realised that as well as sugar, it also contained citric acid which we concluded would have been one of the reasons for our results. 

We had the pleasure of watching the Year 6 production this week which was amazing. There were lots of great costumes and we loved all the songs and acting. Well done Year 6.  

In Computing this week, we have been exploring the program 2Calculate to make number games and have used a timer and the spinner tool which was fun.  

It was second time luck for our sports day! We had a great time competing in our houses and having a picnic with our friends and family. 


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