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  • Latest news in Year 5

    Published 25/11/23, by Andy Mari

    This week year 5 have started their new literacy topic, writing a diary based on Scott’s trip to the Antarctic. 

    To prepare, we had an experience day using camping equipment to ‘camp out’ in the school playground. Some of us got rather cold!

    In maths, we are coming to the end of our multiplication topic where we have been multiplying 2,3 and even 4-digit numbers! They have done a great job and shown real resilience throughout the topic. 

    In science, we have continued our investigations into forces and their effects on objects. We have looked at how different amounts of mass can stretch an elastic band. 

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  • Latest news in Year 5

    Published 11/11/23, by Andy Mari

    In maths, Year 5 have been revisiting multiplication. They have used multiple methods to answer questions, which have included concrete, pictorial and abstract strategies. Ask your child, "Show me two methods to work out 1345x3".

    In English, we have finished our unit called 'One Small Step' and have planned our own narratives based on our dream jobs. Year 5 are looking forward to writing these next week. 

    In Science, Year 5 continued to explore friction. Last week, we carried out an investigation to discover how we could get a piece of plasticine to become buoyant. Ask your child, "What forces acted upon it?" 

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  • Anglo Saxons in Year 5

    Published 14/10/23, by Andy Mari

    Year 5 participated in a fantastic Anglo-Saxon workshop, where they learnt all about the 7 Kingdoms, ancient artefacts, played traditional games (Merels) and completed a quiz. They also got to compete with the opposite class by challenging them to spear wrestling. Overall, they had a brilliant day and consolidated their learning. In maths, Year 5 have been adding and subtracting using a range of methods. These included number lines and column method. In English, they wrote their own persuasive speech.

    Well done Year 5! 

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  • Latest news in Year 5

    Published 03/10/23, by Andy Mari

    Year 5 have had a fantastic few weeks. In Science, they continued to explore forces and carried out multiple investigations to discover whether the mass or size of an object impacts how quickly it falls. Ask your child, “What is the name of the force that made the paper fall to the floor?”

    In maths, they have been using their place value knowledge to help them round numbers. Ask your child, “What are the rules for rounding?”

    In English, Year 5 finished their first narrative unit called ‘Cosmic’ and wrote their own action-packed endings. Ask your child, "What vehicle did your car turn into and what exciting things happened?"

    Well done, Year 5! 

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  • Welcome back Year 5!

    Published 14/09/23, by Andy Mari

    What a fantastic start to Year 5! 

    Year 5 kick started their mathematics learning by exploring place value. Within this unit, they have been reading and writing 7-digit numbers and have started to compare them. Can you ask your child, “How do you compare numbers?” 

    In science, we have been looking at forces. Can you ask your child, “What force made the ball fall to the ground?”

    In English, we began our unit called ‘Cosmic’, where we chose cars from the school car park and created verbal adverts to sell them. We included superlatives and expanded noun phrases to make them descriptive and enticing. Ask your child, “What is an expanded noun phrase?” 

    Well done Year 5. Keep up the hard work! 

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  • Victorians in Year 5

    Published 22/04/23, by Andy Mari

    What a great start to the Summer Term! Year 5 began learning about their new topic, The Vile Victorians, where they explored Queen Victoria and created a fact file all about her. Ask your child, “What do you know about Queen Victoria?”

    Additionally, Year 5 have started a new unit in maths, which is all about angles, and are becoming experts at naming and measuring them (using a protractor). In Literacy, they have become immersed in a narrative called ‘I believe in Unicorns’, by Michael Morpurgo, and have been writing from Tomas’ perspective. 

    Year 5 were also in awe of the inspirational speaker that they had, called Bart Gee, who carried out a workshop with them, so they could experience the challenge of everyday activities with a disability. 

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  • Latest news in Year 5

    Published 24/03/23, by Andy Mari

    Year 5 have had a practical week of learning this week, exploring the 'mean' of a set of data using PE equipment and building bridges with parents out of spaghetti! The  children have thoroughly enjoyed exploring different ways to learn and are ready to apply their skills into further lessons on their learning journey. At Roebuck Academy, we are investigators!

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  • A busy week in Year 5

    Published 10/03/23, by Andy Mari

    n maths, Year 5 have been using their understanding of multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000 to assist them with converting measurements. Additionally, they have worked hard to plan and write their own narrative sequel, in English, for a story called Computer Dad. Year 5 have also been continuing to explore North America, where they have established the names of the countries within it along with facts about their capital cities. Ask your child, “Can you name me a county in North America and its capital city?” 

    Furthermore, they also became scientists and investigated the all-important question of “Which biscuit brand makes the best dunker?”. During this investigation, the children compared various qualities of each biscuit before formulating an opinion of what will make the most ideal dunker. They then carried out a fair test to make their final conclusion. Which biscuit brand is your favourite dunker? 

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  • Lacrosse in Year 5

    Published 25/02/23, by Andy Mari

    Year 5 have made a positive start to Spring 2, jumping straight in with decimal numbers. They were tasked with creating a range of numbers using dienes blocks, even making their own animals and working out the value of each one!

    Year 5 have also been studying an exciting new PE unit this half term - Lacrosse! The children were given a taster session by Katie, a GB player, before completing their first PE lesson this week. At Roebuck Academy, we are athletes!

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  • Latest News in Year 5.

    Published 12/02/23, by Andy Mari

    In Year 5, we have been learning about our solar system and this week had the opportunity to visit Airbus. We had a fantastic time learning all about how they pioneer sustainable aerospace for a safe and united world and were in awe at some of their innovative triumphs, within space exploration! Additionally, we enjoyed the range of activities that we participated in there.

    Furthermore, we have been persevering with our sketching skills and wow has it paid off... check out the pictures of our tigers!  

    At Roebuck Academy, we are scientists and artists!

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  • Latest news in Year 5

    Published 28/01/23, by Andy Mari

    Year 5 have been working hard on percentages of amounts in Maths this half term. They have begun drawing bar models to support their understanding and have even learnt a song that Mrs Norman taught them! Mr Downie also made a creative 'spinners' lesson, where the children were given the opportunity to generate their own word problems to solve. One child had to work out 45% of 1200 footballs! Wow! At Roebuck Academy, we are Mathematicians!


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  • Vikings in Year 5

    Published 15/01/23, by Andy Mari

    Wow - what a magnificent start to the Spring Term in Year 5! I only have a few lines to cram in all the wonderful learning we have achieved so far. We started off our Viking topic with some cooking, making Viking Stew (known as 'Krause') and Viking bread. They all performed wonderfully well and created some tasty food! Mr Alden gave it a five-star rating! Whilst one class were cooking, the other class were trying to sell cars to each other as part of our 'Experience Day' for Literacy. Mr Downie's car got sold for £1.5 million, so he is skipping happily to the bank on Monday! 

    PE and Music have been going really well, as we have been restarting our Cornets learning, as well as starting a new topic of Gymnastics. We have even explored using apparatus and the wall bars! The adults in Year 5 have been really pleased with the start the children have we have to keep it up!

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