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  • Debating in Year 5- Is it ever good to lie?

    Published 30/06/22, by Andy Mari

    In Year 5, the children were involved in a debate in RE. They had to decide whether it is ever good to lie! The discussion was centred around why people may lie and whether it is ever a good idea to lie to someone. The children thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to debate about a contentious issue and, as you can see from the images from the lesson, they showed great passion and determination to get their point across!

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  • Making Shapes!

    Published 11/06/22, by Andy Mari

    This week Year 5 having been diving deep into 3D shapes by learning about volume. We began by building various solids, using multi-link, from given pictorial representations. The level of challenge gradually increased as not all unit cubes were visible in each image and the children had to use the information given to predict the number of unit cubes needed, before testing out their predictions by making the solid and checking whether their predictions were correct. Later in the week, we moved onto drawing cubes and cuboids on isometric paper – this was a difficult skill to grasp but the children showed great perseverance and with practise came mastery! Next week we will be learning how to calculate volume using the dimensions of a given solid. 

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  • Victorian Adventure for Year 5

    Published 22/05/22, by Andy Mari

    Year 5 had an exciting Victorian adventure this week, visiting the British History Museum in Hitchin. After dressing up for the occasion with traditional clothing from the Victorian times, we hopped onto a sweltering coach and visited some warm, friendly volunteers who were excited to start our day. The trip consisted of two main parts: exploring the various artefacts around the houses and shops, and the Victorian school lesson! The children were taught the various 'R's' (reading, writing and 'rithmetic!) by an extremely hostile and strict teacher (thankfully it was all role play!). Please do check out the video of Year 5 reading in the classroom on our Twitter page - they didn't dare put a single word out of place!


    After a minor coach hiccup, the children enjoyed the Victorian playground much longer than expected! They played with the various wooden toys and games that were available and they were so respectful of each other. We hope the children enjoyed the experience and maybe appreciate our modern schooling a little more now!

    Click below for more pictures

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  • Game making in Year 5

    Published 04/05/22, by Andy Mari

    This week, Year 5 have been busily learning about how to create their own games on Purple Mash! After trying out some examples from other schools and evaluating their successes and areas for development, the children used these to develop their own ideas to create an exciting game for younger children to play. They had to think carefully about the scenery, backgrounds and obstacles before moving on to designing collectables and 'baddies' to make the game more interesting. Some of the children even experimented with different lighting and sound effects!


    The children were thoroughly engaged all afternoon and even wanted to finish them off at home. Next week, we will be linking a new game idea to our topic - watch this space!

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  • Building bridges in Year 5.

    Published 24/04/22, by Andy Mari

    Year 5 have been busily designing and making bridges in DT. This has involved measuring and cutting wood for the structural shapes for the bridge itself and gluing the pieces together. The children have been showing excellent teamwork, resilience, patience and determination to combine these skills together.  

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  • Science Week in Year 5

    Published 25/03/22, by Andy Mari

    For science week, Year 5 were treated to a Zoom presentation from STEM point called Food = Plants. The talk involved a detailed discussion exploring the different input stages that are required to get food from the field to your plate, such as selecting seed, sowing them, getting them to survive, getting them to produce the product, and then harvesting and delivering that product. 

    During the talk, the children learnt about the seven key variables needed to grow seeds effectively. Putting this into practice, they have been planting their own sunflower seeds in school. Hopefully, the children will be able to see some amazing results in the Summer Term. Watch this space!


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  • Year 5 visit Airbus.

    Published 30/01/22, by Andy Mari

    This week, Year 5 set off on a magical space journey to Airbus. So magical, it only took ten minutes to get there!

    The children were immersed in a range of space themed activities. They discovered all about the famous Mars Rover, explored various stories about the stars (whilst staring up at a star themed ceiling!) and even got to create their own mini solar system! 

    The children weren't finished there - they got to explore a wide range of science related practical activities that challenged and stimulated the minds. One child loved the 'electric globe', stating 'I don't want to do anything else; I'm loving this too much!''

    The children gained a lot from this and were able to transfer this learning into the classroom. At Roebuck Academy, we are scientists!

    Please click on the images below for more photos.

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  • Viking Stew!

    Published 16/01/22, by Andy Mari

    Year 5 launched their Viking topic with a day of Viking cooking. We began by looking at the food which the Vikings would have been able to grow in Britain and learnt about the way they cooked and prepared their meals. We then dived straight in to making Skause (Viking stew), we began by preparing the vegetables, and there were a lot of them! Turnips, parsnips, carrots, leeks, cabbage and onions went in first. We then prepared the pork (although ours came much nicer prepared than the Vikings would have had) and finally we seasoned our stews using garlic, cumin and coriander. The stew was left on the hot plates for 3-4 hours, plenty of time for the aroma to reach the ends of the KS2 corridor and make everyone feel very hungry! We then moved onto making our bread, you simply can’t have Viking stew without bread. We mixed our wet and dry ingredients together to form a dough, after several minutes kneading it was ready to be shaped and baked in the oven. Once the stew and bread was ready we had a tasting session – some of the children loved the stew and went back for seconds and even thirds, while others decided the texture was too soft for them and they concluded they would not have liked to be a Viking! Overall a fantastic day where the children truly impressed everyone with their cooking skills. 

    Please click on the photos below for more.

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  • Water in Year 5

    Published 21/11/21, by Andy Mari

    In geography this week, Year 5 have been learning all about water. Did you know only 3% of water on Earth is fresh water? We began the week by quizzing the children on their new knowledge (they aced it!) and then we moved onto learning about the Water Cycle. We got creative with our work and the children were given one of 6 stages in the water cycle to act out for the class. We then watched each group and guessed which part of the cycle each group acted out. They did a great job and really thought out of the box to show solids, liquids and gases!

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  • Year 5 at West Stow

    Published 10/10/21, by Andy Mari

    Year 5 had a fantastic trip to West Stow Anglo-Saxon village on Friday. After an exciting coach journey (it had been a while!) the children were raring to go. We began our day by exploring the Anglo-Saxon museum and artefacts, handling objects found at the site during past excavations and learning about how the archaeologists completed the dig. The children enjoyed looking at reconstructed items and exploring what parts of each object survived the test of time in the ground. Next, it was time to explore the Anglo-Saxon village - a series of reconstructed buildings. The children enjoyed going into the sunken house - although their feet got a bit sandy - and this is exactly how the archaeologists realised the Anglo-Saxon's must have lived above the pit on an additional wooden flooring. Each building show cased different elements of Anglo-Saxon life including where they would have slept, how smoky the room became with the hearth lit and the children even got to see how they weaved first-hand. Our day ended in the great hall where all the children gathered for a final question and answer session. The children had a great day and learnt a huge amount about Anglo-Saxon times, some even taking notes as we moved around! A huge thank you to our parent helpers who helped to make the day such a success and to the children for their enthusiasm and model behaviour throughout - a true credit to Roebuck.

    Please see additional photos below

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  • Year 5 feel the force!

    Published 25/09/21, by Andy Mari

    Year 5 have thrown themselves into learning all about forces this week. We began our week with several investigations: finding the centre of gravity on a hockey stick, investigating if we could overcome the friction created by interweaving two books, learning about air resistance by immersing a cup into a jug full of water and seeing if the paper towel inside it stayed dry, observing what happened when you add soda water to raisins and seeing if you really can hold a bottle of rice just by a pencil inserted into the top! We then moved onto carrying out investigations all about gravity, we concluded the centuries old debate between Galileo and Aristotle and found out that heavier items do not in fact fall at a different speed to lighter items – well done Galileo! 

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  • Place value problems in Year 5

    Published 10/09/21, by Andy Mari

    Place Value Problems!

    In Year 5, we have been diving deep into Maths problems involving large numbers (including millions!) The focus started with using place value counters to represent different numbers and reading them effectively. We progressed to writing these representations in digits and words. The children are steadily gaining in confidence with large numbers – they would much rather have £1,000,000 than £100,000!

    The children will be progressing onto more complex concepts such as rounding and estimating in the coming weeks. Until then, here’s some images of children working together on their maths. Their challenge was to use 20 counters to create a number, whilst their partner had to try and read/write the number accurately.

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