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  • Angry Angles and Smashing Saxons

    Published 11/09/19, by Laura Jarman

    Today, Year 5 had a surprise visitor! Emperor Honorius entered the classroom and explained why the Romans were unable to help protect Britain against the Picts and Scot. The children got a chance to explore what the Romans had done for Britain as well as think about how the people of Britain might have felt when the Romans retreated back to Rome. This launched our Angry Angles and Smashing Saxons topic and the children are looking forward to finding out more about what happened next.

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  • Science & Technology at Barnwell

    Published 11/03/19, by Candice Smith

    Our visit to Barnwell School on Friday for their Science & Technology fair was a huge success. The children got to experience a range of activities covering physics, chemistry, biology and technology. From seeing what conditions maggots preferred, to building a bridge using lollypops sticks and pegs capable of taking a large amounts of weight! All in all a great way to get the children enthusiastic about Science and using a range of equipment not readily available to us at Roebuck.

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  • Mini Police

    Published 11/03/19, by Candice Smith

    Year 5 join the 'Mini Police'!

    The Year 5 children have enjoyed the beginning of their weekly 'Mini Police' course. So far they have learnt about anti-social behaviour, what this means and the consequences for both the victim and the perpetrator.  As you can see they love wearing their fluorescent jackets, which really get them into the spirit of each session.

    Lots more learning to do so keep checking in to see what next weeks session is all about!

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  • Bikeability!

    Published 15/02/19, by Candice Smith

    Last week the children faced the elements and through the wind and rain they cycled, cycled and cycled some more! The children began by completing a range of activities on the playground, ensuring they had good control over their bikes and we able to ride one handed!

    Then they progressed onto Level 2, riding safely on the roads. They learnt how and when to give way to cars, how to signal and manoeuvrer and the meaning of various traffic signs.

    All in all a fantastic week and important experience for all the children involved, well done to everyone for persevering through our English weather!

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  • Music Day

    Published 15/02/19, by Candice Smith

    Children in Year 5 had a fantastic music day. They learnt to play the steel pans with Mr Mari and had the opportunity to learn a few chords on the ukulele which they then put together to create a basic piece of music.

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  • All in a year!

    Published 24/01/19, by Candice Smith

    The children had a great time learning about the Solar System and why a year is 365 days on Earth. We made full use of the playground by chalking out the orbits of each planet in our Solar System and several children then became planets in orbit! We learnt why some planets have shorter years and why others have much longer years.

    In the classroom we explored leap years and had lots of fantastic discussion.

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  • A new project linked with Knebworth House

    Published 24/01/19, by Candice Smith

    The children were excited to receive a visitor on Tuesday afternoon from Knebworth House. They heard all about the Watch Tower, which is beginning a huge renovation. The children listened to the 'vision' of the Watch Tower and the many educational opportunities which will be available there in the future.

    An App is in development which will show children the view from the Watch Tower at different points in history. This is what they needed our Year 5 experts for - so the children began by drawing annotated pictures of Anglo Saxon villages which will be used by the App producers to add content about this time period.

    Watch this space because we hope to test and review the App later in its development and eventually go and see the new renovated Watch Tower!

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  • Attendance and Henry the hoover!

    Published 09/11/18, by Candice Smith

    The children were very proud to have won not only the attendance award this week, but also Henry the hoover for having such a tidy classroom! Great effort everyone, keep up the good work. Fingers crossed we can go on to win the reading award next…

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  • Trip to West Stow

    Published 09/11/18, by Candice Smith

    Read on to find out what we learnt on our day learning outside the classroom.

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  • Art week

    Published 06/06/18, by Laura Jarman

    As part of art week, Year 5 have been looking at The Water Lillies painting by Monet. As we are finding out about the Amazon rainforest, the children decided to find out more about giant water lilies which grow there. We were amazed by the size they grow to and their life cycle. The flowers are white and bloom at night. They give off a butterscotch and pineapple scent to attract the beetles which pollinate the flower. Once a beetle has crawled into the flower, it closes until the next day when it opens up to release the beetle covered in pollen. Once a flower is pollinated, it then turns to a pinky purple colour and no longer smells.

    We then started to find out more about the artist Oenone Hammersley who painted a number of Amazon rainforest creatures including the white lipped tree frog. Year five, had fun writing their own poetry and recreating the tree frog painting.

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  • Thorgil the Viking

    Published 06/03/18, by Laura Jarman

    Year 5 took part in a drama workshop as part of the Viking topic. Thorgil, who is a Viking, visited school and taught them more about the Vikings through drama and stories. The children really enjoyed finding out more about our topic from a real life Viking and are looking forward to sharing more of their learning during their Fantastic Finish.

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  • Exploring space atĀ AirbusĀ 

    Published 10/01/18, by Laura Jarman

    Year 5 have had a fantastic day at Airbus Foundation Discovery Space. As soon as they arrived at the centre, they were eager to explore. After hearing about the different stations they could visit, the children were keen to give each other (and their adults!) electric shocks!  

    Later in the day, they were treated to the night sky. They heard stories which explained why constellations are known by their name and the story behind them.

    The day was concluded by visiting the Mars Yard where they were lucky enough to see the Mars rover Bruno being tested.

    Everyone had a brilliant day and lots of the class are now considering a career in space exploration!


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