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  • Thorgil the Viking

    Published 06/03/18, by Laura Jarman

    Year 5 took part in a drama workshop as part of the Viking topic. Thorgil, who is a Viking, visited school and taught them more about the Vikings through drama and stories. The children really enjoyed finding out more about our topic from a real life Viking and are looking forward to sharing more of their learning during their Fantastic Finish.

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  • Exploring space at Airbus 

    Published 10/01/18, by Laura Jarman

    Year 5 have had a fantastic day at Airbus Foundation Discovery Space. As soon as they arrived at the centre, they were eager to explore. After hearing about the different stations they could visit, the children were keen to give each other (and their adults!) electric shocks!  

    Later in the day, they were treated to the night sky. They heard stories which explained why constellations are known by their name and the story behind them.

    The day was concluded by visiting the Mars Yard where they were lucky enough to see the Mars rover Bruno being tested.

    Everyone had a brilliant day and lots of the class are now considering a career in space exploration!


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  • Viking 'Stunning' start 

    Published 10/01/18, by Laura Jarman

    Year 5 have enjoyed finding out about the Viking diet today. They were given Viking coprolites ‘poo’ which they carefully dissected to find evidence of their diet. They found fish bones, peas, grain, cherry stones, apple pips and little pieces of stone. Using this evidence, they have already started to make some predictions about Viking life and the locations they may have lived.


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  • West Stow

    Published 05/10/17, by Laura Jarman

    On Tuesday, Year 5 had a fantastic day at West Stow walking in the footsteps of Anglo Saxons. The children got to see artefacts that had been excavated on the site as well as houses that had been reconstructed where the village would have been.  They had a morning exploring the museum followed by an afternoon investigating the houses in the village and finding out more about Anglo Saxon life.

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  • Welcome back.

    Published 05/09/17, by Laura Jarman

    Welcome back Year 5

    The children in Year 5 had a fantastic start back today. They have already shown they have some great learning behaviour and have collaborated to share their findings about the Picts and Scots based on their holiday homework.

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  • The Amazon Rainforest

    Published 03/07/17, by Laura Jarman

    This term Year 5 have enjoyed learning about the Amazon rainforest.

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  • Year 5 help launch the new Airbus Foundation Discovery Space in Stevenage

    Published 22/05/17, by Laura Jarman
    Year 5 had a fantastic day when they helped to launch the new Airbus Foundation Discovery Space. When we arrived, we had time to explore the different stations which were created by scientists to teach us about different aspects of physics. These
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  • Macbeth

    Published 26/04/17, by Laura Jarman

    Year 5 had a great start to their half term after seeing Anthony Glenn do a one man performance of William Shakespeare’s Macbeth. He was a fantastic actor and got the whole school involved in the play.

    After play, we then had a workshop with Anthony. He taught us how to act and stage fight. As it came to an end, the whole class hope to see him again.

    In the afternoon, after watching Macbeth, Year 5 found out about William Shakespeare using the IPads. We have found out lots of facts and cannot wait to learn more about this talented person.

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  • The Easter Story

    Published 16/03/17, by Laura Jarman

    Year 5 had a fun and informative afternoon at St Peter’s church. They were split into groups and visited five different stations where they found out about the Easter story. 

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  • Viking Voyage

    Published 05/03/17, by Laura Jarman

    As part of our Viking topic, we were lucky enough to take part in a drama workshop. Thorgil, who is a Viking, visited school and taught us more about the Vikings through drama and stories. We are really enjoying our topic and are looking forward to sharing our learning in our Fantastic Finish.

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  • Mystery and Suspense Stories

    Published 28/01/17, by Laura Jarman

    Year 5 have been busy learning how to create suspense and mystery in their stories. They have enjoyed reading stories from the book Short! by Kevin Crossley-Holland and they have experimented with the techniques he has used in their own stories. This week they have been watching an animation called Road’s End and they have started to write their own stories based on the film.

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  • Anglo-Saxon Fantastic Finish

    Published 14/12/16, by Laura Jarman

    On Thursday, Year 5 shared their learning from their current topic - the Anglo Saxons.

    A group of children met the adults and escorted them to Heorot - the great hall where they found out about everyday Anglo-Saxon life. The children then performed a play based on the story of Beowulf which they had all enjoyed reading in English lessons. The adults also had a chance to look at the thumb pots and amulets the children had made; solve their riddles and work out the rune messages they had written.

    The class are now looking forward to their next topic - The Vikings.

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