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  • Learning Enquiry: Does the moon change shape?

    Published 31/01/21, by Andy Mari

    After learning about how we see the different phases of the moon from Earth, we used Oreo cookies to demonstrate our understanding. We scraped off various quanities of the icing on each biscuit to show each phase and labelled them. We learned that waxing means to grow and waning means to shrink. At the end of the lesson, we were even allowed to eat some fresh cookies!

    We also shaded a diagram at the bottom of our sheet to show what half of the moon can be seen from space.

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  • Anglo Saxons in Year 5

    Published 20/01/21, by Andy Mari

    Year 5 took part in a conscience alley related to our History learning this half term. The lesson focused on the Roman Empire, as this time period preceded our current learning about Anglo-Saxons.

    The children had to try and convince our Roman Soldier to come and help them fight off invaders of Britain. They then had to summarise ‘for’ and ‘against’ points for helping the Britons or fleeing back to Rome.

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  • Orchestra visit

    Published 19/11/20, by Andy Mari

    The children were treated to a wonderful performance from a ‘wind instrument quintet’ consisting of a wide range of musical instruments from classical backgrounds. Each adult shared insightful information about their chosen instrument and even showed the children some cool tricks in the process!

    Hopefully, the children will be inspired to pick up an instrument in the future and learn how to play.

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  • Zoolab visit

    Published 19/11/20, by Andy Mari

    Year 5 took part in a fascinating Zoo Lab workshop. During this session, they were introduced to a wide variety of animal and insect species from the rainforest.  The workshop also helped us to understand all the reasons behind deforestation. The forest ranger was very knowledgeable. He had visited and lived in many rainforests around the world so had some mesmerising stories. The children were all very brave and touched a wide variety of animals from snakes to rats. It was a brilliant session which was enjoyed by everyone. 

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  • Year 5 experience day.

    Published 19/11/20, by Andy Mari

    In Literacy, Year 5 have taken part in another experience day based on the book called The Explorer. For this session, the children had to get in role and pretend to be one of the characters from the book. In the story, the children are trying to find their way out of the Amazon rainforest and make a raft in order to navigate along the river to try to reach the city of Manaus. During the task, Year 5 had to imagine they had different roles and they worked together to create a raft. Here are some of the finished products!  

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  • Feather designs

    Published 21/09/20, by Andy Mari

    Year 5 have been busy planning their own compositional feathers in a bohemian style. Once these are completed, they will form part of a whole school display. Both classes have created some very effective patterns and we are looking forward to seeing the final product.  Here are some of the sketches Juniper have created in their planning stage. 

    Another project we have started is a Design Technology unit about bridges. The children have started it by investigating how they can make a bridge stronger. They are looking forward to designing and making their own bridges in the coming weeks.

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  • Welcome back Y5 Sycamore

    Published 13/09/20, by Andy Mari

    Year 5 Sycamore class have settled extremely well into school this week. They have adapted to the new ‘school way of life’ and are able to recall the safety tips we have introduced this week.

    We have completed a fantastic piece of descriptive writing using the book ‘Window’ as a writing stimulus. They have incorporated fronted adverbials, descriptive vocabulary and interesting verbs.

    Our maths learning has focused on times tables, finishing with a problem-solving activity using number cards. We found it quite a puzzle to use all of the cards to solve a number problem!

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  • Making felt in Juniper class

    Published 09/09/20, by Laura Jarman

    Juniper class have had a fantastic start to Year 5. They have been busy making their own felt using merino wool. The wool is made up of tiny fibres that have tiny hooks which help to join the fibres together to form felt.

    Firstly, they pinched the wool and pulled tiny strands away. This was then used to create a layer on a sheet of bubble wrap. When they could not see the bubble wrap anymore, they used a contrasting colour and put some strands of this wool on top. Once they were happy with their composition, the hard work began. The wool strands had to soaked in soapy water and then rolled up tightly in a sheet of bubble wrap and a towel. This had to be rolled backwards and forwards on the table for ten seconds but repeated at least ten times in different directions. The children’s arms were aching by the end of this! However, they were amazed and proud of their finished felt.

    Our next stage, is to create a rainforest scene based on the book we have focused on this week which is called Window by Jeannie Baker.  


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  • Victorian tin investigated!

    Published 08/03/20, by Laura Jarman

    Year 5 have started a new unit in history this week about the Victorians. They received a letter from Mrs Jarman’s sister, who has recently moved, asking them to find out as much as they could about an old tin she found in the loft of her new house. The house is Victorian and therefore she felt that Year 5 would be able to help her. Within the tin, there were a number of artefacts which the children enjoyed exploring and deciding who they might belong too. They also made some predictions about what it would have been like to live in this period of time.

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  • Year 5 Maths Challenge

    Published 02/02/20, by Andy Mari

    The children enjoyed participating in the Herts For learning Year 5 maths challenge which was held at Martins Wood School. They were challenged to compete against 18 other schools and completed 4 rounds of extremely challenging Maths problems and reasoning questions. The children worked really well s a team and despite not winning really did themselves proud with their determination and excellent teamwork. Well done.

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  • Viking Voyage

    Published 16/01/20, by Laura Jarman

    Year 5 had a fantastic start to their Viking history topic – Traders, Raiders and Explorers. Thorgil the Viking shared his journey from Denmark and England. Through drama, we sailed on a longship, filled our chests with useful items to take to England and built long houses. Next, Thorgil wanted to take a slave home with him so Mrs Jarman bartered with him before he checked his new slave was healthy and able to sew. After finding out more about the Vikings beliefs, the session was ended with the story of Thor and his hammer. We all learnt a lot of information about the Vikings and are looking forward to the rest of the term.

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  • Angry Angles and Smashing Saxons Fantastic Finish

    Published 21/11/19, by Laura Jarman

    Our Fantastic Finish

    Our Year 5 fantastic finish was excellent! It was Anglo-Saxon themed and we had a blast!

    In the main classroom, we created our own amulets from clay. These amulets were used as good luck charms in Anglo-Saxon times. We had already designed our own and then used a variety of tools to carve and shape the clay to create them. We had an excellent time!

    During the week, we were busying trying out Anglo-Saxon recipes to share with our adults. We made honey oat cakes and a barley and vegetable stew. Surprisingly, everyone hated the stew! But the honey oat-cakes were the prize winner with the tastes of the children.

    There were a number of other stations to visit with our parents. We had the opportunity to learn how to play Anglo-Saxon games, solve riddles, write in runes and find out about punishments used during the period.

    We had a wonderful time and enjoyed sharing our learning with our adults.

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