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Science Day

Can we save Humpty Dumpty from cracking when walking the plank?

Pirates captured Humpty Dumpty’s ship and they were making him walk the plank! We needed to help stop his shell from cracking. We needed to know which type of material we could put Humpty into, to best protect him during his fall. We used Science dog to help us plan our experiment.

We talked about the different materials we had; rice, cotton wool and tissue paper, we then made a prediction about which material we thought would be the most protective and created a chart. We predicted that the cotton wool would be the best material. We then tested each of the materials by pushing Humpty Dumpty off the plank. When we had finished testing each of the materials we opened the bags to see if he was still intact. We found that the rice was the best protector for Humpty Dumpty, cotton wool was also good but we needed a lot of it and unfortunately tissue paper left Humpty very cracked and broken.