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  • Dreamcatcher assembly- Martyn Burrows

    Published 05/10/19

    On Thursday 12th September, we had our first Dream Catcher assembly of the year. We were joined by Martyn Burrows who is a trainee train driver for Govia Great Northern Railway.

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  • Latest Dreamcatcher - Samantha Daisley

    Published 02/07/19

    Roebuck's latest Dreamcatcher assembly was a first for the school as the children were visited by a former student, Samantha Daisley. Samantha is a former pupil of Roebuck Primary School from around 14 years ago. Samantha currently works at the Stevenage Museum as a Senior Museum Assistant. She talked about her role at the Museum and the work that she does there, which includes meeting a variety of different people and setting up the special exhibits at the Museum.  She likes her job as it is always very different with no typical working day. She loves to greet people when they arrive through the museum doors and when asked to give her nugget of wisdom for the children, she mentioned that you should never give up being what you want to be!

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  • The NED show

    Published 24/06/19

    WOW! How lucky we were to have a visit from Megan this week who came to tell us all about NED and amaze us with her yo-yo skills. She taught us the importance of Never giving up, Encouraging one another and Doing our best! All the children and adults absolutely loved her show and the children have talked about it constantly ever since!

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  • Peter Slot- Latest Dreamcatcher assembly

    Published 06/04/19

    Roebuck Academy was visited by, recently retired Rocket Scientist Peter Slott this week. Right from the age of 8, when he was bought a book by his father about Space flight, Peter dreamed of being an astronaut or working on space rockets. Years later Peter achieved his dream having worked in Stevenage for Airbus in Gunnels Wood Road and was involved on a variety of projects including the design of satellites. His first project was designing the first Sky TV satellite, which was  launched from the Ariane space rocket and also included designing and making the Space pallet on the Space Shuttle.

    Inspired by watching the rocket launches during the space race in the 1970's, Peter completed a mechanical engineering degree and then he entered the aeronautical industry. A typical working day would involve a host of meetings and then working on his computer putting together designs orf a variety of parts on the satellites. 

    Finishing off the presentation, Peter provided the children with his nugget of wisdom which was to try and achieve your dream by any means how, there will always be a different way to get your dream job, just don't give up and keep trying.

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  • Mrs Elson and Mrs Prosser- Dream catcher assembly

    Published 06/04/19

    Talented staff members Mrs Prosser and Mrs Elson hosted a Dream catcher assembly at Roebuck. The Year 6 children wrote the following report on the assembly

    When Clare Elson (Mrs Elson) was young, she had a dream of writing a book. She spoke to her father  about her dream and he said just go for it. So she did. Later on in her life, she met a young lady named Sue Prosser (Mrs Prosser) who was really good at drawing and they  joined together to try and complete her dream. They started their work, Mrs Elson would do the writing and Mrs Prosser would do the illustrating. As a child, Mrs Elson had a note book full of story ideas that she had collected and she wrote a story in coordination with Mrs  Prosser called:The Garden Adventures of Rosie Red. Mrs Prosser drew the  pictures for the book that they they created (see pictures attached below). Later on they decided that they wanted to publish it for everyone to read. After sending the book to seven publishers, they decided on one of them. They sent it back and forth over and over again to the editors and publishers to make sure it was just right. Mrs Prosser used to doodle in her sketch book during meetings, which ended up looking like stunning drawings. She also drew whilst doing chores at home. Years later, they wrote the whole book and said to the publishers they were happy with the results. They are waiting now for the book to be published and will look forward to seeing the finished product.

    So when asked about a nugget of wisdom to help the children in their future, Mrs Prosser said that you could do anything if you put your mind to it. 


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  • We have Chicks!

    Published 21/03/19

    Nursery chicks

    Children in Nursery have had lots of fun this week watching the chicks hatch. The children have all been very excited and fully immersed in their learning, carefully watching for changes in the eggs. On Wednesday our first egg hatched and the children decided to name him Bear, as he looked fluffy. When the children came into school on Thursday morning all ten chicks had hatched and they are all happy and healthy in their new larger home. This is the first time we've been so lucky to have all ten hatch - we are very happy!


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  • Katherine Dunston- from Knebworth House Dream catcher assembly

    Published 16/03/19

    Last week, Katherine Dunston came to Roebuck and delivered a Dream catcher assembly. Katherine works at Knebworth House and she talked to the children about some of the work that she does there. Currently she is focussing her time on helping to develop an APP that will allow visitors, especially children, to understand more about the Watchman's Tower at the house, which is currently being renovated. Having first dreamt of being an astronaut when she was young, Katherine became a teacher in a Primary School, teaching Year 1 and 2 pupils and then she moved onto working at Knebworth House. Her working day varies , as she could be showing round groups of visitors, planning out work experience placements for students and even dressing up in costumes for classes of children to bring the history of the house to life.

    On finishing the assembly, Katherine gave the children a nugget of wisdom, which was to enjoy trying different things, especially when you are young.  

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  • Kit Davies- Dreamcatcher

    Published 16/03/19

    Chief Executive of the Hart School Learning group, Kit Davies, delivered our latest Dreamcatcher assembly. He talked to the children about his role as a Chief Executive and how this meant him doing a wide variety of jobs including managing budgets, talking about finances, meeting MP's, attending formal dinners and visiting schools. He mentioned that his main aim within the Hart Learning group was to make peoples dreams happen through providing them with a great education from Nursery right through to College. 

    Having grown up in London he initially dreamed of becoming a Tennis player or Coach and then a Lawyer. Eventually he trained to be a teacher. Once  he completed University, he then travelled abroad working in a variety of countries including Mexico, Japan and Spain where he taught English. When asked about  a typical working day, he mentioned that no day was the same as he sometimes had boring days when he would be talking about Budgets or finance, or more interesting days where he would be out meeting people. Kit left the children with his nugget of wisdom , which was to always be positive and think positively especially when you find a difficult situation or something goes wrong.

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  • Science Week

    Published 12/03/19

    The children and staff at Roebuck experience a Mega Science week during the second week of March. The learning that took place supports our journey in improving and enhancing STEM provision across the school. Staff have had an exciting training event where they shared their own ideas for investigations. Two staff members are also attending a Primary Engineering course so are looking forward to their new ideas and learning which they will share with us. Teachers performed a play to the whole school in assembly to show how magnets work. Each class have had extra time this week planned in to their weekly timetable to explore science in depth. 

    Please ask your child what they have been learning about this week.

    Look above at the photograph - this is what happens when you add water to skittles? How is it that the colours do not mix and that they stay separated?

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  • Book week

    Published 12/03/19

    On Wednesday the children were surprised to find the special guests for the Dream catcher's assembly were two familiar faces. Mrs Prosser and Mrs Elson have been working together on a project for the last two years. Mrs Elson has written a children's story and Mrs Prosser has created the illustrations. The book is now in the process of being published. The whole school listened to two pages and need to wait to find out what happens next. Mrs Elson shared how she has always wanted to write a book and likes to jot down ideas. Mrs Prosser demonstrated how she created her portfolio full of wonderful illustrations she has drawn over the years.

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  • JP Zarka- latest Dream catcher assembly

    Published 03/03/19

    Roebuck Academy was visited  on Thursday blogger, JP Zarka, who took part in the latest Dream catcher assembly. Having grown up in Chicago, JP dreamed of being a basketball star, a Rock star and a best selling writer in his early life. However, since the age of 13/14 he wanted to come to Britain having been inspired by a change of culture and went into teaching. Having sporting interests such as basketball( with the inspirational Michael Jordan) and WWE wrestling, JP decided to try and share some of his ideas about wrestling by writing articles on his own website. Now he has written over 350 articles  and blogs and even starred in his own radio show, when sharing stories about wrestling and WWE. Having shared what a typical day in his work was: including taking his children to school, reading and researching material for his blog and then posting his blog on social media, JP gave the children a "nugget of wisdom", which was to try your best and forget about all of the rest. 

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  • Gobi Ranganathan- Latest Dream Catcher

    Published 20/02/19

    Roebuck Academy was proud to host their latest Dream Catcher assembly, Gobi Ranganathan. Gobi inspired the children when he talked  about his numerous achievements in the world of Para sports, and in particular badminton, where he has had a huge amount of success over the years, including winning British, European and World medals in his sport. But it hasn't always been plain sailing for Gobi as he talked about his hard journey to achieve  his success including having to overcome illness, injury and over 30 operations during his prestigious career. Not only that but he mentioned how he has had to be stubborn in his approach to training and in the way he has had to show determination to continue trying to improve in his sport, especially with limited funding.  One highlight of his career was being a torch bearer at the 2012 London Olympics and he mentioned that he still harbours ambitions to compete at the next Olympics in Tokyo. Gobi 's nugget of wisdom to the children was to, "be the best you can be, and if you try the hardest at whatever you want to do doors will open up for you."

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