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Dreamcatcher with Reverend Kate Sharples

This weeks Dreamcatcher saw Reverend Kate Sharples share her experiences of work with the children.  She has worked in St Peters Church in Broadwater for the last 18 months. During the assembly she mentioned that she spends a lot of her time planning for a variety of services that include Weddings, Christenings and Funerals  and these involve lots  of paperwork. She also does a lot of work in a variety of schools with visits and assemblies , which she has to try and make sure  are fun for the children to enjoy.  At first Reverend Kate wanted to be a plant scientist  and although her work now is very different she  was able to full fill her dream because in her job she sometimes goes to the Old peoples homes or elderly peoples  houses and sometimes helps out by doing the  gardening.

To finish off with Reverend Kate left the children with her nugget of wisdom, which was to “Follow your own dreams and try new things, just don’t give up!”   

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