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Dream Catcher 9.1.2020 - Helen Bailey

On Thursday 9th January, we were visited by Helen Bailey.

Helen  lives in East London and loves designing fashion. She is a STEM school project administrator but in the past she has had many exciting jobs.

In year 12, she studied business on a type writer and short-hand handwriting but soon decided that this wasn’t what she wanted to do. Then she studied being a secretary. When she went to college, she studied a four year degree in art as designing dresses would require her to be good at drawing. In her third year, she worked for a fashion designer called Helen Storey who had her own design shop. There she was encouraged to share her ideas and create.

They did a project on Dvora cloths and printed a dress with cement (which stayed in a glass container outside for two weeks and cleaned the air inside it). Finally she finished her degree and worked in many bridal wear shops since. Then for a while, she had her own bridal shop.  

Her nugget of wisdom was, “Remember that your education is always important. Everything you learn is important to remember as it will help you make decisions about what you do and don’t want to do later on in life.”

Written by Amelia and Poppy Year 6