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Alison Joy Dream Catcher 6.2.2020

On Thursday 6th February we were visited by Alison Joy who is an Orthoptist.

Alison loves her job because she gets to help new people every day. She helps children and adults of all ages. Every day is different and she sees 10-30 people depending if the day is busy or not. She has had glasses since she was very young, works at Lister Hospital and has been for filling her dream of helping people for 20 years.

When she was younger, she wanted to help people by being a teacher or doctor. Alison lived in North Yorkshire as a child and went to a primary school there as well. She went to university for 4 years and did A- levels in maths and chemistry.

Alison wore glasses since the age of seven and helps people who need glasses from ages 1-100. Although she mainly helps children, Alison has no typical working day. One of the reasons people come to her is because of something called Cataracts. It is where older people see a dot in the middle of their vision.

Alison’s golden nugget of wisdom for all the children of Roebuck was, “Get your eyes checked regularly, listen all the time and do something every day to help somebody!”

Written by Year 6