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Thursday at Kingswood (Part 1)

Thursday started with rain dampening the ground but not our spirits.  With both groups being very active outside during the day, energy was flowing from the children. After another cooked breakfast and a flying visit to the gift shop the groups went their separate way, with group M dangling from the abseiling tower whilst group N braved a very wet and muddy nightline course. Taking turns to be leaders the children battled their way through the rain and the obstacles - and managed to emerge with very muddy clothes but a great sense of achievement.

With the weather improving slightly the groups swapped activities. Miss Carter seemed to get into the spirit of Nightline without too much prompting - after mentioning how she had remembered what it was like when she visited Kingswood many years ago. At the same time Group N were showing what they were made of on the abseiling tower with every member of the group managing to visit the top, even if some just looked at the amazing view.

Zip Wire saw Roebuck pupils soaring through the Norfolk skies at a rate of knots although no one managed to achieve the target of touching the tyre at the end.