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At Roebuck Academy we now have Daily Supported Reading in Year 1 every day, All adults across the school have received training which enables children to receive high-quality daily reading sessions. Every day, all adults spend half an hour in Year 1 working with a small group of children to develop their reading skills. Every child will be read to and heard read on a daily basis. The children are grouped and groups will change on a weekly basis if needed. Assessments consists of listening to the children read, word order and fluency. Questioning will be used to check children's understanding of the text. The books are colourful and really fun to read. We are delighted with how Daily Supported Reading has started in Year 1 this year.

DSR is a scripted program that raises the quantity of successful Independent  reading accomplished by each child in Key stage 1. It  also supports a coherent approach to the reading curriculum. 

The programme  has twin aims:

  • It develops the skills of adults to meet the needs of children learning how to read
  • It ensures a varied responsive and consistent approach to independent text reading by children in EYFS/KS1

Together with Hackney Learning Trust, Sheels has compiled a list of books for use in this programme to aid children with their reading. All books supplied are labelled according to their level and can also be separated into zip bags to make group reading time easier. 

Please click here to visit Hackney Learning Trust website for more information.

Alternatively the leaflet provided in this link provides additional information.