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Leading Parent Partnership Award

LPPA - Leading Parent Partnership Award | AwardPlace

Parent award

At Roebuck, we know how important it is to work with families so that everyone can 'Reach their Potential'. In April 2016, we were awarded the Leading Parent Partnership Award (LPPA). This is a national award that recognises the work that we do for parents and our commitment to working with parents. This was then renewed in 2020. We are currently working towards renewing this award again this year.

By gaining the LPPA, we are achieving these long term benefits:

  • Contribute to improved pupil attendance, punctuality, behaviour and progress
  • Increase parent participation and involvement
  • Enhance parents’ support in their children’s learning
  • Improved home school communications

Resources to help families support learning at home can be found under Parent Support in this menu of our website.

If you would like to become more involved in our work with families, or want more information, please speak to our Narrowing the Gap team.

In Summer 2020 Roebuck Academy was re-awarded Leading Parent and Partnership award. Staff, Parents and Governors were talked to during the validation visit. 

The school presented evidence to show 

  • How parental support is provided across the school taking into account the needs of children and their families.  
  • Ongoing communication and opportunities to develop parental partnerships to advance communication strategies in line with parental request and consultation.
  • A programme of activities/training/workshops to support parents to enable them to support their children’s learning, develop their own learning and work together as families with support from external partners where relevant. 
  • Information from the website as well as within the portfolio (to enhance what was viewed on the virtual school tour) showing how parents are provided with information in relation to all aspects of school life including learning, development and enrichment opportunities for families. 
  • Regular consultations via questionnaires, surveys, face to face information sharing sessions and very importantly the provision of relevant and timely feedback. 
  • Evidence of communication strategies to support home school links in various forms including various letters, reports, the informative website and home school liaison 
  • All documentation provided for parents is written in a clear and accessible way taking into account relevant parental requirements parental reading/literacy skills.  
  • Roebuck Academy provides effective support for parents (as required) on induction into the setting, transitions throughout and on to secondary school life.  Relevant advice and guidance are consistently provided to enable parents and families to still be part of their child or children’s journey.  
  • Links with external agencies and community provision to provide holistic support to pupils and their families happens as and when required, in relation to their changing needs, taking into account changes in funding and community provision.  
  • Monitoring and evaluation throughout the award process that will continue to be utilised to show impact of parental engagement in relation to children’s attendance, learning, development and progress. 

As the award validation took place during lockdown a virtual tour of the school was provided. Feedback received showed

"The virtual school tour gave a full overview of the site both externally and internally.  The voice over of the tour provided an insight into what would happen on a “day in the life of Roebuck” and the vibrant classroom spaces, pupil learning and class information with pupil photographs, displays of their work and whole school information continuing throughout the corridors.   

The information from the displays around the school is also provided in various forms including newsletter, Tapestry and the school website." 

Strengths of the visit and our work with parents included

  • The continued commitment of ALL staff to work in partnership with parents to support families to achieve positive outcomes holistically continues to evolve in line with needs.
  • Due to the timing of the Reassessment a definite strength of the Academy was communication. Acting upon requests in a timely manner for learning materials was something mentioned by all stakeholder groups. The current pandemic has provided the families of Roebuck to see the continuation of support through the regular telephone conversations that are and will continue to take place. 
  • Communication in general.  Sharing relevant and timely information supports families to enable the best for their children and this will continue to evolve as technology changes.  The range of information and communication provision for parents to engage with the school enables relevant topics to be shared. 
  • A programme of training/information sharing/workshop and enrichment opportunities for parents and families to support their children’s learning and develop their own learning has continued to be maintained and develop following the LPPA Final Verification and this will continue.
  •  Transitions on the whole into, throughout and on exit to the next stage of learning and development. Starting conversations early continues to develop relationships with families to gain the best outcomes for all. 
  • Consultation happens across Roebuck Academy in a regular, relevant and appropriate manner. This again will continue as parents appreciate changes that are made and see the value of their voice and in their contributions to life at the School. 

Areas for development have been incorporated into a three year action plan where we will continue to work in partnerships to build on our success.