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Vision & Ethos

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Our School Vision

At Roebuck Academy, we will provide inspirational, innovative and memorable learning experiences that will motivate and challenge children so that aspirations can rise and dreams can be achieved. 

We aim to create an environment which promotes a love of learning and empowers our children to become independent, successful and lifelong learners. caring about themselves, each other and the wider world. 

Our children are the ‘beating heart of our school’ and we ensure every child is valued, nurtured and encouraged to be the very best that they can be. 

We inspire our children to Dream, Believe and Achieve.

School Motto


Our Aims

  1. To support, nurture and guide our pupils to become independent, resilient, motivated and happy learners who take responsibility for their learning.

  2. To provide a safe, secure and stimulating environment which celebrates cultural diversity. An environment where everyone is valued and their efforts appreciated.

  3. To develop learners who value themselves and their achievements and respect others and the environment in which they live.

  4. To provide a balanced, broad and relevant curriculum which promotes the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of the pupils in our school and community. A curriculum which prepares them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences needed in life. 

  5. To offer rich, personalised, immersive and unforgettable learning experiences which inspire the children.

  6. To recognise the potential of our children, encouraging them to be ambitious and value their own strengths and unique qualities. 

  7. To provide a safe physical and emotional environment that reflects the cultural diversity of the school.

  8. To foster a mutually supportive partnership between home, school and our community.


Our School Rules 


Be Ready

Be Respectful

Be Resilient 

Be Safe


Our School Values

We believe that all children should follow their DREAMS in their learning, in their behaviours that they demonstrate and in the choices that they make. We encourage pupils to show: 









Determination Respect Excellence Altogether Motivation Safety

Here at Roebuck Academy we have six school values which are integral to all aspects of school life. Our values are centred around the acronym: DREAMS which is derived from our school motto, DREAM, BELIEVE, ACHIEVE. 

D is for Determination. We believe that dreams don’t become a reality without hard work, practice and a great deal of determination. This is reinforced everyday through our ‘Growth Mindset approach’ to learning as well as our positive attitude which promotes the message of, ‘I can’t do it YET!’. Our children are taught that determination and persistence are the keys to success and our equally determined staff work tirelessly to ensure all pupils achieve the best outcomes. We ensure that our pupils are fully equipped to take on new challenges and confidently take risks to improve their learning experiences. They understand that to become independent learners they must develop strategies to cope with adversity and thrive when faced with a challenge. Our pupils don’t give up at the first hurdle, instead they keep going and try new ways to overcome the barriers. If you can dream it, with determination, you can achieve it. At Roebuck Academy we are DETERMINED.

R is for Respect. At Roebuck Academy, we believe that an integral aspect of school life is learning to respect ourselves, each other and our environment. We celebrate our differences and our special, unique qualities that make us individual.  Receiving and providing respect to others is important because it helps us to feel safe and to express ourselves, our individuality and our diversity. Respect means that you accept people for who they are, even when they're different from you or you don't agree with their opinions or views. Respect in our relationships builds feelings of trust, safety, and wellbeing in all. At Roebuck Academy, we are RESPECTFUL.

E is for Excellence.  We firmly believe that with the right attitude, support and encouragement, every child at Roebuck Academy is capable of achieving amazing things. We never settle for second best and we always aim high. We set high expectations for our children, staff and community and encourage them to be the best that they can be. We develop the skills, knowledge and attitudes of pupils to promote ambition and a strong drive to succeed. We believe that if you can dream it, you can believe it, If you can believe it, you can do it! At Roebuck Academy we strive for EXCELLENCE in all we do. 

A is for Altogether. We know that at Roebuck Academy we are stronger and better when we work together. We help each other and think of others before ourselves; acting selflessly and wanting the best for everyone in our community.

We learn best when we do so collaboratively; working together using our own strengths, skills and talents to support others.  We know that working together will help us to communicate with others, increase our social skills and self-confidence, and help us to develop into happy, healthy and caring adults. At Roebuck Academy we are ALTOGETHER.

M is for Motivation. At Roebuck Academy, we want our children to attend school everyday feeling happy and motivated in their learning. We achieve this through providing engaging, immersive and hands-on learning activities which stimulate curiosity and install a love of learning. Pupils are encouraged to be ambitious and hardworking even when challenged. Our staff understand that each child is unique and that motivation happens in different ways. That is why we personalise our pupils learning experiences to inspire them, so they feel motivated to succeed in their learning. At Roebuck Academy, we are MOTIVATED.

S is for Safety. Keeping our children safe is integral to all aspects of everything we do at the school. Our children learn in a compassionate,  nurturing and safe environment in which they are allowed to develop their sense of self, make mistakes and explore. 

We provide learning activities to ensure that the pupils are taught how to keep themselves safe, to develop positive and healthy relationships and how to avoid situations where they might be at risk. 

At Roebuck Academy, we are SAFE.

Equality Duty

Roebuck Academy aims to be a community where everyone is treated fairly and with respect. We want all pupils to achieve and feel successful, and also we recognise that for some children extra support is needed to help to do this. We take our legal duties on equality seriously. We welcome our general duty under the Equality Act 2010 to eliminate discrimination, to advance equality of opportunity and to foster good relations.